• Judge rules there would be no chilling effect in releasing Universal Credit reports
  • FOI tribunal refuses Iain Duncan Smith leave to appeal against the court’s decision
  • DWP continues to pour thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money into failing legal attempt to keep files secret

Iain Duncan Smith: liar, pants on fire

A judge has smashed Iain Duncan Smith’s attempt to keep potentially damning reports on Universal Credit secret.

The ruling completely undermines the DWP’s claim that there would be a ‘chilling effect’ if the reports were published.

It’s thought the documents could provide a ‘smoking gun’ which proves conclusively that Duncan Smith and the DWP misled parliament with their optimistic assessments of progress on the programme.

As Scrapbook reported, the documents were requested by campaigners under the Freedom of Information act in March last year.

After a year of pouring thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money into a failing legal attempt to keep the reports secret, the ICO gave a final decision in March that all four reports should be published.

The documents include:

  • Project Assessment Review — periodic high level review of large project
  • Issues Register — details of problems and failures
  • High Level Milestone Schedule — sequence of activities and timings

The DWP were hopping mad at the ICO tribunal’s decision – describing it as “perverse”, and claiming they’d made “errors of law.”

But a second tier tribunal upheld the decision to order disclosure yesterday, with Judge David Farrer QC saying there was no evidence of a chilling effect.

The DWP now has 28 days to decide whether it wants to throw yet more taxpayers’ cash at a losing battle.

  1. Uncle Erebus says:

    The DWP should be made to explain exactly how much money, and what has been done with it, that they have accumulated from sanctions.

  2. Yeah, I wanna know what they’ve done with all that sanction money, funny you never hear isn’t it? Considering it’s probably quite a large amount.

  3. they have done me over stopped me money now soon to be living out of bins to ill to go back to work what doi do

  4. Surely now this ridiculous man who clearly is a waste of tax payers money will have to stand up and be counted. I truly believe he should be made to live on jobseekers for a few years. Furthermore, he should be deemed unemployable due to the shocking mess he has made of the benefits system and his blatant lies and fraudulent actions to the taxpayers purse and the British public

  5. Maybe now we can get to the truth, and be rid of these lying thieving cheats. i hope that this person is exposed as the lying incompetent cheat that he is. the very same person who has spared no effort in labelling all claimants as potential lying cheats to be treated with suspicion, also imposed draconian measures designed to help claimants ‘ focus’, these are the notorious sanctions on payments – real saving, when along side the millions ids has so grandly written-off.

    funny someone so thirsty for good publicity has really shot himself in the leg over these reports. ids knows exactly what is in these reports, and it does not make good reading for him, UC program, and the cabinet, who have so wholeheartedly rallied to support ids over and over again after ids’s many gaffs.
    once the public see clearly and factually what has/is happening with UC, something only an independent overseer can begin to guarantee, they (the govt.), being accomplice, will all go down with him – house of cards??

    how can the UK afford such a bunch of fly-by-night ‘self-seekers’, whose primary concern is to better the lot for themselves, their friends and families.
    in this state of affairs, the rest of us are becoming more and more invisible.
    when are the people going to be given a greater chance to participate, and shape how the UK is run.

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