Nick Griffin sad

Police are investigating Nick Griffin’s election leaflets, which fail to meet Electoral Commission guidelines by including a so-called ‘imprint’ stating who had produced the material. Voters across Griffin’s North West constituency have received the botched leaflets — for which they receive free delivery from Royal Mail.

The news comes the the party put a fake vicar in their election broadcast. Shameless charlatan Robert West reckons he is entitled to wear a dog collar and title himself ‘Reverend’ — despite never having been ordained.

Fake BNP vicar

Before urging viewers to vote BNP, West, who set up the far-right Christian Council of Britain, can be seen fiddling with a lock on a stone building as though he has just exited. This is nothing more than a con trick to imply that West has a church at all.

The last known venue of West’s ‘ministry’ was a residential house in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

  1. “Shameless charlatan Robert West reckons he is entitled to wear a dog collar and title himself ‘Reverend’ — despite never having been ordained”

    In other news, I heard Betty from Coronation Street DOESN’T REALLY WORK BEHIND A BAR


  2. A while back BNP brass discouraged members from using the party logo and name of their personal blogs… reason given was that the party was full of “oddballs, Walter Mitty characters, compulsive liars and born troublemakers.” This post confirms that nothing much has changed.

  3. I have looked at my BNP leaflet that was delivered for Euro election and it does have the “imprint” it runs vertical up the reverse side in grey small print.
    This is just an attack for the sake of it or your even more incompetent than the BNP.

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