Video has emerged of George Galloway verbally abusing a teenager — who accuses the Respect Party founder of grabbing and shaking him by the shoulders.

17 year-old Khasim Ahmed was minding his dad’s electronics shop when he became involved in an exchange with the Bradford MP:

“All I said to him was, ‘Where have you been for the last two years, George Galloway?’”

“He grabbed my shoulder and shook my shoulder.”

We’re sure the Respect candidates standing locally will be thanking him.

  1. George Galloway swears at former Respect voter, Kashim Ahmed
    aged 17, spot the obvious mistake

  2. David Boycott says:

    Not NECESSARILY a mistake, given the prevalence of electoral malpractice in modern Britain….

  3. Georgey Boy Hater says:

    Isn’t it time Georgey was seen by even the jihadists and the fascist left for the charlatan he is??? “I’m on twitter and Facebook” What a total muppet. I’m going to enjoy his downfall.

  4. ROBERT BROWN says:

    It’s way over time for Galloway to be done in by a muslim fed-up with his posturing and false gravitas. Leo van Gogh was stabbed to death in the street, he was a hundred times the better man than Galloway, who is shallow and opportunistic to an insane level. I look forward to news of his ‘passing’.

  5. I don’t share Galloway’s views at all, but have every sympathy for him in this situation – an MP can’t personally be in touch with his or her 85,000 constituents all the time – it’s up to the constituent to make the effort to get in touch if they have something to raise. Moreover, this guy was obviously looking to provoke with his dreary persistent whinging and his camera running… George gave him a response that he deserved!

  6. How could he be in touch with the people that are meant to matter to him? He is too busy touring Scotland, where he doesn’t live, trying to tell them what to do. He should be concentrating on the important issues and the people in his constituency, not travelling around a nation telling it’s people how they should vote in a referendum he himself is NOT allowed to vote in!! A great orator but not a great politician.

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