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Are your long-time-no-see school mates now paid up ‘kippers? Or are the kids you used to play football with EDL sympathisers? Using a quirk of Facebook you can find out using the links below provided you are ‘friends’ with them. It’s not at all stalkery, honest!

And apparently there are some other parties standing, too:

Here’s how to check for any other body:

  1. Go to the Facebook page of the organisation concerned. If it has a number in the URL then you’re set: copy that and skip to step 4.
  2. Otherwise replace ‘www’ in the URL with ‘graph’ (https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBritishNationalParty changes to https://graph.facebook.com/OfficialBritishNationalParty)
  3. Copy the ID (only the numbers) in the resulting text:

BNP Facebook trick

  1. Add that number to the end of this link and paste it into your browser address bar: https://www.facebook.com/browse/friended_fans_of/?page_id=

♫ ‘If You Have a Racist (Facebook) Friend …’ ♫

  1. Lets just single people out for their political inclination, because that’s going to help everyone and not fuck over people

  2. Dear Jack – yes, let’s.

    As proven in the Scottish independence debate, decent ordinary people have got a wall of shit against their best interests in the shape of the elites and their poisonous mouthpieces the mainstream media. Most people would NOT support Ukip if they hadn’t been brainwashed into believing that “immigration is the NUMBER ONE issue in the UK” or that somehow Farage doesn’t represent the right wing establishment in the worst way. Forces of decency have to fight back anyway we can, and as we don’t have the BBC to churn out our version of events we have to do this in our communities.

  3. 4 Labour, 3 Lib Dems,13 Greens, that’s it.

    You have to be wary though – people may “Like” a page just so they can follow what’s going on or troll their comments section. The Twitter word “follow” is better as it doesn’t imply that you approve, just want to keep an eye on them!

  4. Thankfully, only one of my friends has liked one of those pages, or should I say ex-friend?

    And to those whining about whether people should be shunned for their political ideology… what else would you consider ignoring from a friend? I don’t want racists, bigots, homophobes in my life, and if they had the balls to admit it openly I would tell them to go take a long run off a short pier. The fact that they DON’T talk about it shows their shame, and if I can find out which of my friends are actually loathsome cretins I’ll remove them for it.

    Welcome to how society works – socializing with people who share your opinions and attitudes.

  5. I believe in freedom of speech and democracy so for that reason I refuse to listen to and/or demonise people who disagree with me 🙂

  6. Why not single out all the brain washed liberal lefties in the same manner.? Oh because we have better things to do like trying to save our country from idiots like you.

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