• Health of scandal-hit Mike Hancock leads BBC South News
  • MP and councillor has been mental health inpatient for 3 months
  • His team tried to keep condition secret from voters
  • Questions raised over who is paying for his care

BBC South News has spilled the beans on what’s been keeping Mike Hancock away from the local election campaign trail — a three month stint as a hospital inpatient being treated for depression.

The controversial MP and councillor, who is shortly due to fight a civil claim of sexually harassing a vulnerable constituent, was apparently admitted to the private Priory hospital in Hampshire days after citing his health as he refused to answer journalists’ questions but then going to France to attend the Council of Europe.

Details of Hancock’s treatment emerged in court as he attempted to block the case against with a psychiatrist’s report claiming that he was mentally incapable of instructing his legal team. Hancock’s bid was rejected along with attempts to keep his medical treatment a secret from the public — and notably voters in his Fratton ward.

The region’s political editor Peter Henley has also used Twitter to raise one pointed question omitted from his report:

He’s already been in there for 14 weeks.

  1. This is the Margaret Moran defence, and that of hundreds of bent coppers. He should be brought before a Court in short order. If guilty of the vile behaviour alleged he should be stripped of public office and then he can lick his wounds in private. Horrid man, and can’t be arsed to shave either.

  2. The Liberal party will do anything to avoid a by-election and not talking about him is their way of avoiding one

  3. Hancocks Nemisis says:

    He as Peter Henley, The News, The Police, Gerald Vernon Jackson, Senior Council officers and others know who supported him by corrupting police and council investigations and poor media investigative work by the media mentioned know, the evidence is damning and could cause careers to break. Its a game by Hancock and his colleagues and associates being played so he doesn’t goto court and be held to account. Henley has been sitting on his hands for his friend Hancock for years and not mentioning documents about abuse and fraud.

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