Labour’s plans for three-year tenancy agreements and predictable rent changes have been described as “Venezuelan-style rent controls” by the Tories — hardly a surprise given that nearly a third of their MPs are landlords.

Analysis of the current Register of Members’ Interests conducted by Scrapbook shows that 89 of the entries for the Tories’ 305 MPs contain references to “rental income” — double the proportion of landlords from the other main parties.

  • Conservative: 89 of 305 MPs (29%)
  • Labour: 37 of 258 MPs (14%)
  • Liberal Democrat: 9 of 57 MPs (15%)
  • DUP: 2 of 8 MPs (25%)
  • SNP: 2 of 6 MPs (33%)
  • SDLP: 1 of 3 MPs (33%)

The Tories’ Newark by-election candidate could fit right in with his £2.25m development property revealed by Scrapbook yesterday.

  1. What none of the above acknowledge is the Right to Adequate and Affordable Housing, within the International Bill of Human Rights, although it has been legally binding on the UK since the 20th August 1976.

    Not that you’d know this because its been buried for decades since 1948. See for a UK campaign needing your support.

    And , for an international campaign too.

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