A Tory councillor made sick jokes about domestic violence, complained about lesbians, the disabled and black people getting an easy ride, and labelled benefit claimants “scum” on Facebook, Political Scrapbook can reveal.


The posts, made by Cllr Tom Davey of Tory-run Barnet Council, were revealed just days after he was caught advocating ‘social cleansing’ in a shocking video.


In Davey’s status updates, which he made during his time at LSE in 2008, he moaned that his jobhunting might be easier if he were a “black female wheelchair bound amputee who is sexually attracted to other women.”


In another post, he joked he was “more excited than Harold Shipman in a nursing home.”

Speaking to Scrapbook, Davey said the sick joke was “probably misjudgement in hindsight” – but that despite being open to tens of thousands of people in the LSE Facebook network, it was a private joke between friends.

He admitted:

“I have a very dry sense of humour”


Defending perhaps the most disgusting post, in which he says he is “smacking his bitch up…that’ll teach her for ironing loudly whilst the football is on” – Davey said he was being “ironic.”

“I don’t like football and my wife doesn’t do the ironing. If you think it’s a joke about domestic violence, fine.”

Brazenly unapologetic, Davey said it was entirely appropriate to make joke about mass murderers and domestic violence in an essentially public forum.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of those things in that context.”

Given his recent outburst in a public meeting, it seems context doesn’t matter an awful lot to Mr Davey

  1. He admitted:

    “I have a very dry sense of humour”

    Au contraire, your ‘humour’, for what it’s worth, reinforces dominant power relations and betrays your inner Nazi.

  2. You don’t need any context to correctly read his meaning you can see it in his countenance ,what a thoroughly ugly little gobshite.

  3. I’d much rather see Tories like Davey displaying their true colours (repugnant as they are) than pretending to be decent human beings by spouting all that mendacious guff about “compassionate Conservatism” in order to hoodwink gullible sections of the electorate into voting for them.

  4. John Sullivan says:

    Whilst we are aware Cornelius and co refuse to evict councillors for beating up women in the street, surely even this degenerate bunch will give Davey his marching orders.

    He is patently obviously unfit for public office, and his stated detestation of benefit claimants , lesbians, black people and the disabled, surely makes him totally unfit to hold the port folio for social housing.

    Surely this low life has to go .

  5. Ronald Oatcake says:

    These were jokes on his LSE from 6 years ago – did someone seriously go dredging through his status updates from 6 ago to search for dirt ahead of upcoming elections? Please grow up.

  6. Stephen Bee says:

    The ONLY Truly DISGUSTING Disability is being a Tory Councillor or MP. They DO deserve public ridicule!

  7. I don’t think there is anything wrong. He is using Facebook like every other human being on the planet. The argument “but he represents X” is a complete fallacy. He is a human.

  8. David Britten says:

    Ronald Fruitcake, I don’t care how long ago this reptile made these remarks, they expose him as typical Tory slime, and it’s very unlikely that he’s undergone some Jekyll and Hyde type transformation.

  9. There is a lot of truth spoken in jest, so do not tell me he was only joking, what a vile ugly minded man he is. Just goes to show how their minds work and what they actually think of the disabled, Lesbians, Black people and the poor and needy. Seems they forget the tax payer pay’s their wages, is this not benefits. And he calls the people scum? Sick Parasitic hypocrite

  10. Carol matthews says:

    What a sickening vile excuse for a human being, imagine if he had referred to black people as scum or even the Muslims, he would be rotting in jail now…..

  11. I think you guys are as susceptible to a witch hunt as anyone else, who hasn’t made a flippant joke about something dark (6 years ago too, they had to dig that far back)? In the hands of a liberal these jokes become ironic, in the hands of the right-wing they are suddenly revealing their “true colours” I think we should just accept the truth that the gap between the two are extremely close. Why is this news and why are you suddenly being made to target one member of the Tory cabinet?

    p.s. Is this really much different to News of the World or the NSA mining unfavorable details to take people out. Six years ago…grow up.

  12. This is what an apathetic society looks like I’m afraid……. If you repress people’s ability to have a laugh or make everything so politically correct you can’t even say daft shit anymore without thinking will this offend anyone, this is what will happen…… And to be fair we were raised by racists/bigots/sexists……. So our role models are the people of the last generation. Where freedom of speech was exactly that.
    I’m not agreeing or disagreeing, I’m merely stating that we are no longer classed as individuals……. In a society where ‘every person matters’ double standard BS!! Xx

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