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A great scoop from Ian Dunt over at Politics.co.uk. It turns out that William Henwood — the UKIP candidate at the centre of the party’s latest racism row after suggesting that Lenny Henry should “go and live in a black country” isn’t from Britain himself.

The Enfield council candidate told the BBC:

“I think if black people come to this country and don’t like mixing with white people why are they here? If [Henry] wants a lot of blacks around go and live in a black country.”

But turns out he’s originally from, errr, South Africa.

To paraphrase Henwood:

“If racists come to this country and don’t like living in multicultural North London then why are they here?”

Picture: Vaughan Leiberum

  1. He probably misses the “good old days” of Apartheid. Still, it clearly indicates the kind of bigoted – not to say laughably hypocritical – scum which UKIP attracts by the bucketload.

  2. Marcus Sondheim says:

    Lenny Henry calls for a law to boost ‘low numbers’ of BLACK people in TV industry

    1. It’s borderline racist and extremely offensive.
    2. Minority laws/policies rarely work and are mostly counter-productive.
    3. Equality is equal opportunity, not equal faux equality in numbers.
    4. All talent of all races, have the opportunity to work in the TV industry.

    I don’t agree with the wording of Henwoods comment, but if this guy want more ethnic ‘kinsmen’ in the industry BY LAW, surely moving to an african country is a valid suggestion?

    This myopic view of seeing racism everywhere (only when it’s beneficial of-course), never ceases to amaze…

  3. I think his name is miss spelled , the D should be a C.

    I think this Dunt should go back to S.A. if he doesn’t like it here.

  4. Tim, I don’t think you realise that William Henwood is the UKIP guy from SA and that Ian Dunt is the person who tweeted the question.

  5. Just what we need, racist South African immigrants supporting UKIP. As if there aren’t enough home grown UKIP morons.

  6. Henry le Frigg says:

    I think UKIP would consider Marcus Sondheim a dubious name. Where are you going to hide when they come a-knocking for you? I know where I’m going.

  7. I mean am african /black I disagree with black people who live here and yet hate white pple here or their tradition I fell out with a friend one day bse she was making nasty comments about England and I told her to go back to Africa if she doesn’t like it here and she hates me up to now . My friends always call me a coconut meaning am black and white inside lol I don’t care I love white pple and their culture

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