Presenting Cllr Tom Davey, Tory-run Barnet Council’s lead member for housing, explaining he’s not worried about the lack of affordable housing pushing the poor out of the boroughbecause he wants the rich there!

This absolutely shocking footage was recorded at a recent budget meeting by the Barnet Bugle.

Tom Davey: If there is such a problem with Barnet, if Barnet is such a terrible place to live and if it so unaffordable, why are people flocking to Barnet and why are house prices going up? It’s because people want to live here.

Opposition councillor: They’re the ones that can afford it.

Tom Davey: And they’re the people we want!

While his smirking colleagues were clearly impressed by his “off the cuff” speech, Davey won’t be the last councillor to come a cropper following Eric Pickles’ edict that bloggers should be allowed to film meetings.

  1. This is the swivel eyed loon face of Barnet Toryism: the council that was publicly humiliated by Eric Pickles in a keynote conference speech for their misdemeanours at the beginning of their term, and whose record ever since has been one of continual embarrassment to the party. Pickles praised the Barnet bloggers for holding his own party’s administration to account, which was rather amusing.

    The Barnet Tories’ housing policy is effectively one of social cleansing: gerrymandering regeneration schemes that exclude resident communities.

    The small amount of social housing stock that is left is allocated for limited five year periods only, and to be prioritised for this you must be able to prove a ‘positive contribution’ to society.

    The concept of the deserving poor is back in fashion, in Barnet, and gleefully promoted by someone given the weighty responsibility of housing policy while only in his mid twenties – and still holding the sort of half baked views of a spotty faced recruit to Conservative Future.

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