Cllr Harry Phibbs on the Bedroom Tax

A leading Tory in local government has dubbed the Bedroom Tax is a ‘success’ — citing figures from a housing association showing that nine in ten victims of the ‘under occupancy penalty’ have been unable to move home.

In a blog entitled ‘Another spare room subsidy cut success story, Hammersmith and Fulham councillor and Conservative Home columnist Harry Phibbs boasts about figures from Orbit Housing showing that 89% of the tenants originally hit with the hated charge are still having to stump up an average of £832 per year.

The proportion of tenants left with nowhere to downsize come as little surprise given that the borough (where Phibbs is an executive member) is at the front line of the housing crisis. Figures for the area show that 77% of social houses sold off under the right-to-buy scheme are the smaller properties which Bedroom Tax victims would need to avoid the charge.

If this is Phibbs’ definition of ‘success’ Scrapbook dreads to think what failure looks like.

  1. The bedroom tax shows that there is something very wrong with the way the Conservative Party thinks, and people should start to question the WAY IN WHICH they are fundamentally out-of-touch with the reality that most people live in. They are the part of the rich, of inherited wealth, and they see to have bought that by pretending to live up the Queen’s skirt, they are going to win some sort of eternal election in heaven – but, they are simply pitting earth AGAINST heaven in a war of revolution.

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