'Food bank user' in The Sun

As suspected, the claim in this morning’s Sun that can people can obtain “restaurant tokens” from food banks turns out to be borderline lies. An informed source told Scrapbook:

“It’s simply not Trussell Trust policy to supply restaurant tokens. It’s possible that a handful of food banks may have partnered with soup kitchens or social enterprises to offer something along those lines but this wouldn’t be available to the vast, vast majority of food bank users.”

Remember those ‘free TVs for asylum seekers’?

  1. Question 1 – any further comment from Ms. Cleland, e.g. “This is nothing like what I told the Sun reporter”?
    Question 2 – How much was she paid to bite the hand that is feeding her children?

  2. I help administer foodbank vouchers for Trussell Trust in Tewkesbury.
    you can only get 3 – no more, it aims to cover the temporary screw up in benefits (very common thanks IDS) that is for a total of 3 weeks effectively –
    we keep records – we know who the people collecting are.
    They usually feel shame but, overwhelmingly, hunger.
    this Claire Cleland is like the Sun’s pet Asian who is anti-immigration
    their pet women who are anti-feminist and
    who is a misanthropic satan-slug.

  3. Mate for a starters she has got 4 kids and as for former care worker she is a former drug dealer from Leicester and served time in Peterborough and drake hall prison

  4. How in hell dose a single mother of one child get £22000 in benefit I get about £8000 for me and my daughter so do tell cos I’m doing something wrong

  5. Joanne Hughes says:

    This really should go to the press complaints commission. the papers are sailing close to the wind again – an election in the offing and the Tory press spread their lies hoping that people are fool enough to believe them and sadly some will!.

  6. You only have to see the name of the newspaper to know what it’s content contains. Just like back in 1989 when they supposedly published ‘The Truth’ about Hillsborough which we all know now was actually ‘The Lies’! I wouldn’t even put The Scum newspaper down on the floor for my puppy to soil.

  7. David Simpson says:

    Something here comes to mind, and probably might spell out the awfulness of the article.

    1) How on earth did the journalist manage to find someone on benefits who earns £22,000 per annum? To any reasonable person, it would be near impossible to earn even that much in a year from the government.

    2) Did the journalist not manage to remember to at least verify the claims made about the restaurant vouchers or are Sun journalists only trained to rely on unfounded gossip and hearsay to prove a point.

    Smacks of an ulterior agenda if you ask me

  8. But according to this article, it’s not actually a lie, some Food banks have given restaurant tokens. Basically things are either true or they are a lie, you can’t pick and choose to suit your narrative.

  9. this is bollox and only rw minded people with already existing prejudices against those on benefits will believe it, we need better laws in this country to stop this lying crap being published in national newspapers

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