Tom Shinner (inset) and Michael Gove

Readers may remember 28 year-old Conservative Tom Shinner, whose utterly farcical over-promotion to a £105,000 Whitehall director role by Michael Gove was highlighted by Scrapbook back in January.

Shinner’s original toehold in the education bureaucracy (prior to catching the Gove gravy train) was as a director/governor of Greenwich Free School, whose recent inspection enables us to evaluate his performance and that of his fellow school leaders: pretty crap.

Greenwich was given the rating of “requires improvement”, the second lowest of four gradings awarded by the schools inspectorate. Among the aspects of performance singled out for criticism was, errr, management — with Ofsted staff calling for another “external review” to assess how “aspects of leadership and governance could be improved”.

“In the schoool’s first year, arrangements for checking students’ progress did not provide leaders or governors with an accurate view of the schools performance”

What’s more, Shinner and his fellow governors appear to be in denial about issues facing the school, with Ofsted staff remarking wryly:

“Inspectors do not agree with the leadership team’s view that every aspect of the school is outstanding.”

Slow clap.

  1. It seems worrying when Middle-aged Tory Ministers surround themselves with young Tories and pay them ridiculous salaries. Is the Archie Andrews Look-alike trustworthy?

  2. Shinner is arrogant and unqualified – his ascent typifies Gove’s failures. Both of them need to go.

  3. gorillawitch says:

    I had a friend who was a civil servant, she said the older more experienced ones were being made redundant in the name of savings and efficiency and replaced with youngsters, who would say and do exactly what ministers wanted them to and not have the experience to remember what actually happened last time the same policy was implemented and why it wouldn’t work this time around.
    The privatisation of state education seems to be passing most of the media by, if you suggest it will make state education worse you are a militant. Everyone in education knows the introduction of academies & free schools is to break up the national agreement on terms & conditions, so costs can be cut. The introduction of more tests is so private companies can make profits. Neither of these things are to improve education, but to aid privatisation.

  4. This has been standard practice with the conservatives every time they are in power especially as they remain determined to remove public services from government control ensuring who’s nose is in the pig trough! It started with defence rapidly deleting all public utilities. Health and education is next The one relevant factor being how rich all their supporters have become doing so

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