1. Not the best time for the minder to take a call!

    Typical saloon bar stuff from Farage – bringing out the ‘some of my best friends are black’ argument.

  2. It was Lenny Henry who was racist when he said there should be more Blacks in the media. He lives in a predominantly White country, so it should be no great surprise that the media predominantly have Whites working for them. I don’t mind Henry being uncomfortable with that (though it is certainly racist). But it is no more than logic to suggest that, if he feels the way he says he does, then he should go to a place where his own kind is in the majority.

  3. God help all of us who are from ethnic groups, disabled, or unemployed from this biggoted wanker!
    Things are bad under this disgusting coalition I hate to see what the nation would be like under this lot.
    There should be no space for curtain-twitcher morons!

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