Nick Clegg laughing

Lib Dem Voice co-editor Stephen Tall blogs on why “Nick Clegg’s gamble of laying down the gauntlet to Nigel Farage” has not failed — despite yet another whupping for at the hands of the UKIP leader:

“There’s no denying that Nigel Farage and Ukip have emerged well from these debates, especially tonight’s.”

“But [the Ukip] will resonate least well with Lib Dem voters, and best with Tory and Labour voters. A polling spike for Ukip will probably be at their expense, not ours.”

Translation: Clegg has harmed the pro-Europe case and boosted extremist UKIP’s chances of securing more MEPs … but that doesn’t matter because it hurts other parties more in the short term!

‘The Party of IN’: In it for themselves!

  1. PostageIncluded says:

    All the polls show that the LDs are losing a greater percentage of their voters to UKIP than Labour are. So that twit Tall isn’t even accurate

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