While external scrutiny of Portsmouth politics has inevitably focused on the antics of Mike Hancock, the leaflet below is surely further evidence that something is very wrong in this most fetid of rotten boroughs:

Lib Dem toilet tour

Scrapbook looks forward to another instalment of Portsmouth toilets once Mr Dowling’s bowels have recovered.

  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t see what you’re on about. In no way does he go into any detail. Your headline is ridiculous.

    However, more importantly this is obviously a leaflet for a council candidate talking about something important to do with public services in the local area and cost cutting. I’m not sure why you would be making fun of this. That is, unless you’re trying to prove an underhand party political point.

  2. Of course it is. This web blog is run by Labour activists from Hampshire and John Ferrett et al use it to cast aspersions over Lib Dems in pompey anonymously.

    It’s things like this that’s the reason you only have 4 councillors, John!!

  3. I think, given the “as soon as his bowels have recovered” line and reference to someone alleged to have indulged in sexual impropriety but not otherwise involved in the story, we’re supposed to infer some kind of homophobic undertone to the commentary.

    Hurr hurr! Lib Dem goes to look at public toilets. I bet he’s a bender!

    That sort of thing. Pathetic.

  4. More evidence of Political Scrapbook being a Labour blog rather than a Left Wing blog, if this is the worst it can find to smear the Lib Dems…

    I’m sure that the main reading demographic of local party literature – the elderly – would find this reporting actually INCREDIBLY useful. Even if it came from the Tories. No sarcasm whatsoever.

    I do enjoy Scrapbook for it’s left-wing tint, but these sorts of stories actually make me angry. If you’re going to constantly smear the Lib Dems, then for God’s sake, rename your blog!

  5. @Lawrence
    “the leaflet below is surely further evidence that something is very wrong in this most fetid of rotten boroughs”

    Please enlighten me about what is “very wrong” about a young lad reporting on the state of an essential facility for many people, particularly older people.

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