BNP April Fools' plane

The British National Party have copied Tory chairman Grant Shapps and bought their own plane — at least according to an article and posted to their website on April Fools’ Day.

The irony with respect to the BNP’s parlous finances seems to be lost on the authors. The purchase of a Boeing 767-200 at a cost of $160m would certainly be of interest to the party’s creditors, which include the Equality and Human Rights Commission, law firms and former employees.

Sale of the airliner would certainly be enough to pay for deposits in European elections — something the BNP is apparently struggling to do.

  • Nick Griffin was declared bankrupt in January
  • His former deputy Simon Darby is also bankrupt
  • BNP officials are liable for debts as party is not incorporated
  • Party lost a £400,000 court case they hoped would fund Euro elections

The far-right party have even produced a video, which shows the Cayman Islands registered plane with blank livery digitally altered to display BNP branding:

Plane geeks have photographed the airliner flying to Europe from the, errr, Middle East.

  1. I saw this plane this morning (1st April 2014). It was flying over West London. What a glorious site! It managed to stop traffic and many on the street started to applaud and cheer!

  2. This is a Hate site/Blog who really cares if the BNP have a plane or a dozen MEP’S they will have to abide by the same rules as everyone else.

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