David Cameron's wind turbine

A source close to David Cameron has told the Telegraph that the 2015 Conservative manifesto will include measures to “eradicate” wind turbines — nine years after David Cameron waged a planning battle with his own neighbours to erect a turbine on his house.

In a sop to campaigners in traditional Conservative countryside seats, the manifesto will reform subsidies and planning laws — making renewable energy generation more difficult.

But hypocrite Cameron fought for two-years to re-erect a turbine on his former £1.5m Edwardian property after it emerged he didn’t have the right planning permission from Kensington and Chelsea council.

Back in 2008 one of Cameron’s neighbours told the Daily Mail:

“This wind turbine will be an awful eyesore in a conservation area. It is a false attempt to show he is environmentally friendly.”

She was right about the second bit.

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