Nigel Farage asked to explain why his office electricity bill is £3,000 per year:

Murnaghan: “What are you doing in there? What are you running in there?

Farage: “Running machines, running banks for computers. Doing things! Doing things! Doing things that use a lot more electricity than many household chores do”

Murhahan: “It sounds like Tracey Island. You’ve got banks of computers?!”

Nigel Farage shamelessly defended spending £60,000 in taxpayer-funded EU allowances on UKIP’s party offices.

Speaking on Sky News, he said claims he was using expenses improperly were “erroneous” and he could spend the £3,850-a-month he gets from Brussels “as I see fit” – without even having to produce receipts.

Since becoming an MEP in 2009, he has pocketed £60,000 in allowances from the EU, which he says he’s spent on running costs for the party’s offices in Lymington, West Sussex.

Despite the office being a rent-free “gift” from UKIP supporters, Farage says the office costs about £3,000 a year in electricity alone – and spends about £1,000 a month in other expenses.

Scrapbook rather likes the idea that UKIP could operate out of a hidden paradise peninsula filled with super-secret “machines.”

Well, he does look like a Thunderbirds puppet, after all…

  1. Getting paid to get the worst deal he can for Britain. It’s like offering money to a someone who wants to torch your car.

  2. “Banks of computers”. Hmm, I’m sure the “average working white Brit” that Ukip like to hark on and on about being supported by also have “banks of computers” in their houses? And yes, Farage hates the fact that EU “bureaucrats” can have so much money so much, that he uses it freely, and is valued from it.

    “Man of the people” my fucking small white cock. What a shameless fucking hypocrite. A liar, a dishonest guttersnipe, and the walking epitome of the word “shitstain”. Send him back to Scotland, and let the Scots have some fun with him again. 😉

  3. Alan Whittle says:

    Marat you have said it all in a few small words “my F*u**ing small white prick” almost the size of your brain. Is Marat a good ole English name?

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