From a strong field, the political gaffe of the day award goes to Merseyside MP Esther McVey, for posting a political attack tweet during the Hillsborough 25th anniversary service.

In the as yet un-deleted tweet, the employment minister tweeted a link to a press release on her website entitled “Wirral Labour can’t be trusted.”


The ill-timed message coincided almost exactly with Andy Burnham’s moving speech at the service, held at Anfield.

It took Radio 5Live’s Nicky Campbell to point out the incredibly poor timing of the tweet for an MP from Merseyside.

Scrapbook assumes a grovelling apology is to follow shortly.

  1. Gary Barker says:

    Same old vile Tories, they will never, ever change, so if you’re a decent human being please stop voting for them

  2. Pauline Daniels says:

    It doesn’t surprise me Esther is an ambitious woman who doesn’t care for anyone but herself and will tread in anybody to get there I look forward to her downfall

  3. Harry Wright says:

    She is a total fanny. Like all Tories she thinks she is better than anyone else, and has no respect for anything, or anyone.

  4. Her pathetic apology

    Esther McVey ‏@EstherMcVeyMP 4m

    Really regret the mistiming of local election press release. Apologies.

  5. I agree with the sentiment about this latest shoddy Tory behaviour, I don’t see how the use of “tart”, “bitch” and “fanny” in the comments are any more classy than McVey’s tweet. Grow up.

  6. I trust we will all show the same outrage if someone tweets on 29th May too. Not a Tory lover just think that this seems to be completely forgotten. Completely understand and feel for the families of the 96 but I also feel for the families of the 39 that also went to a football game and never came back.

  7. Esther McVey ……………..Is one evil , vile, arrogant, sick twisted tory puppet, she knew exactly what she was doing and timed it with Andy Burnham’s speech ?? She must now realise she will never be welcome in liverpool again, NOT without a team of body gaurds, So stay with your tory bullingdon boys …Seems they have more use for than liverpool will ever have, Dont forget top keep count of how many it took to get to where you are today ?????????????

  8. while it was not mandatory to watch she should surely have known It was on and as Esther McVile is mouthy and a poor excuse for a woman why am I not surprised at what the self serving cretin is capable of.

  9. I am not a Tory supporter, but unfortunately ridiculous, brainless, childish disgusting playground comments like many of the above prevent me from being a Labour supporter!! Grow up and show people that there is an alternative or Labour will never get back in.

  10. BabbitCymru says:

    @Lee – Comparing Hillsborough and Heysel is rather fatuous and disrespectful to all concerned.

    – Liverpool served their ban.
    – The incident was properly investigated.

    The families of the Juventus fans killed aren’t still waiting for justice, 25 years later.

  11. Sandra 7:47pm: Is there anything in the comments that preceded yours to suggest support for Labour?

  12. John Williams says:

    McVey is a hard-faced Tory cow with a voice more irritating than a buzz saw. Horrible woman. Makes me shudder whenever I hear her whingeing on trying to defend her party’s indefensible employment policies.

  13. If the tories had a decent bone in their bodies, those family wouldnt of had to fight for 25 years to get answers. The tories are the ones that helped the police cover it up.

  14. Although I don’t condone this trollops comment, can we not all jump on the “Tories are evil” bandwagon please? ALL politicians are worm tongued rats that don’t deserve a decent birching for crimes against the crown and its people. They are ALL fueled by the power of robbing the common man of his hard earned coin ffs! They all smell of the brown stuff, they just use red or blue loo roll and use our callused hands to wipe for them. Get off your high horses for Christs sake.

  15. Lynda Sergeant says:

    She just does IDS’s dirty work for him—he’s probably laughing at ‘the cheeky Scouser’
    Youtube her speech in Parliament attacking the CAB—have a look at the way IDS is looking at her— I have to say ‘bitch’ does spring to mind.

  16. Mark – you just don’t get it, do you???! She’s from Merseyside, she’s an MP on Merseyside. And today was a massively significant anniversary for many Merseyside! The last bunch of unfeeling Tories blocked a true inquest following the tragedy – now she decides to show no respect. People have every bloody right to call her names after her appalling (at best) misjudgement.
    And I am neither from Merseyside nor a Labour voter before you come out with another myopic comment.

  17. What a vile excuse of a woman , she has no pity or compassion for anyone she only thinks of advancing he own status in the tory party .

  18. Ms McVey has since apologised, tweeting: “Really regret the mistiming of local election press release. Apologies.”

    The original tweet can still be seen on her account.

    Radio presenter Nicky Campbell had pointed out the poor timing of the post, tweeting in reply: “Not watching the service?”

    Liverpool will not forget or forgive her for being so thoughtless!

  19. Leave it out. For goodness sake, not all of us were watching the service. Some of us work for a living and why shouldn’t she make a comment. Free speach and all that! suppose I will now be reviled for sticking up for her! So she was supposed to be there wiping her eyes and making sure everyone saw her?

  20. Ste Armstrong says:

    For someone born in Liverpool, educated in Liverpool and elected to represent a Merseyside Constituency she’s displayed a staggering amount of insensitivity here. Totally out of touch with the electorate. No doubt she will be parachuted into a safe seat at some point soon.

  21. She should be flogged to death and buried alongside her heroine Mad Maggie the other big mouthed bitch.

  22. Daughter of a scrap metal merchant, used to playing with muck, common as muck, no class, no breeding. She’s in the right party.

  23. I am not in Liverpool and I am not a Liverpool FC fan.
    But even I knew about the service.
    Just shows how far from the people of this country those in power (Who work for us) have become.
    Remember to vote on 22nd of May and if you feel there is no one worth voting for write NONE OF THE ABOVE across the voting paper. Show them its not voter apathy.

  24. God, really!
    Why should she watch? And why shouldn’t she tweet whenever she wanted?
    “respect” my arse… I’d like to see some official viewing figures but I’m pretty sure they would show that the vast majority of “ordinary” people didn’t watch either and we’re going about their usual lives…
    Pure guess but I bet that includes a number of those expressing such outrage in these comments..

  25. We learn from experience that politicians never learn from experience. Never argue with an idiot they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. The woman is a disgrace to the city of Liverpool and to be associated with someone who leeches on the vulnerable and the poor I for one coming from Liverpool have no association whatsoever with her. When someone stupid is saying something they are ashamed of they will somehow try to declare it is their duty, unfortunately she is just another carrearist politician.

  26. In answer to those asking was compulsory, no it wasn’t, but perhaps, given the comments recorded in Hansard during the debate on Hillsborough secured through the Backbench Business Committee on 17 October 2011, Ms McVey had more reason than many to be paying attention:

    My cousins were there—safe, yes, but when a call came to the crowd, asking whether any police, medical staff or officers could come and help, my cousin stepped forward. He was one of those people, one of the fans asked to help the injured and to identify people.

  27. As some people have said, no, of course it wasn’t required viewing.

    However –
    She is an MP in the Wirral and is SUPPOSED to know what issues are of concern to her constituents. Considering how much attention is given to the service every year, I can simply not believe that she was ignorant of the occasion nor of the timing of the speech.
    Unfortunately, this can only lead me to believe that it was an attempt to grab attention for herself and to take away from Andy Burnham’s speech. What a vile, despicable thing to do – hijacking a memorial service for political gain.

  28. It goes to show that politicians only have one concern: for themselves and their needs, and no one else’s.

  29. Esther McVey makes me ashamed to say I am from Wirral, I wish she would take her politics elsewhere. Can any politician be trusted? I am not a political type but would trust Labour over Conservatives.

  30. Listening and watching this “climbing the tory ladder” woman the more I see and hear a really nasty piece of work. All plastic smiles, and a failure to understand the real issues of a Merseyside seat. On a day when the whole of Merseyside was united (and on view to the whole nation) in the memorial service at Anfield. Standing shoulder to shoulder with the 96 families, and what is she up to? Texting vile cheap scoring tweets. I hope and trust that the voters of Wirral West can see what she is like and kick her into touch next May.

  31. Ms McVey doesn’t care about ‘ordinary’ people, she’s an ignorant self-serving woman (I won’t use the term lady). We in the north are ashamed of her and wish she’d fade away.

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