A millionaire government minister (the one who tried to blame charities for a rise in food bank use) put his foot in it yesterday — by using the term ‘Bedroom Tax’ instead of the usual Orwellian euphemisms.

Rather than using the government-approved phrases  ‘under occupancy charge’ or ‘spare room subsidy’ Lord Freud told peers yesterday:

“We will produce an interim report later this year, as I said, and we will bring forward next year the full report on what has been happening with the bedroom tax.”

Not his best performance.

  1. need to get rid of bedroom tax it uis coursing so many problems get the tories out the lot of david cameron, nick clegg , george osbrone .and also ian duncan smith get them out NOW

  2. What goes around, comes around, he should have followed in his great-grandfathers foot steps
    instead of into politics where he is even more of a ‘dead hand on the tiller’ than he was as a city banker. Whilst working in the City of London he was called by colleagues the “Fraud Squad” because of his ability to “heavily promote new share issues that subsequently tanked.
    In the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 his policies have been described as “making the poor pay for the risk-taking of the rich.
    One reviewer of Freud’s book on his City career wrote that he “will be remembered in the City as one of the key players in several of the most embarrassing and badly managed deals in investment banking history”
    As of 2012, Freud is in charge of reform of the benefits system, he’s an embarrassment to all who know and had to work with him.
    Will know one rid us of this dead hand.

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