Robert Jenrick

The Tories’ candidate in the Newark by-election is claiming to be an “entrepreneur” — despite only having only been the director of one company that was formed just six months ago and has never submitted accounts.

The wannabe MP — who should be a shoo in having inherited a majority of 16,132 — makes the claims on his Twitter bio before picking up the theme of his “experience” on Newark Conservatives’ website.

Robert Jenrick Twitter bio

“I went to Cambridge University, gained a first class degree and then went on to pursue a career building businesses, becoming International Managing Director at Christie’s, the leading art business. I’ve also been involved in my family’s small business here in the Midlands. So I can bring practical business and entrepreneurial experience to politics.”

While Jenrick’s experience as an antiques salesman is all well and good, the usual understanding of the word “entrepreneur” is someone that has founded, owns and runs their own business, usually employing people in the process.

The only business that Jenrick has ever owned, Vincent Square Properties Ltd, was incorporated on 4 October last year and is registered to a £2.5 million five bedroom house that the 32 year-old and his lawyer wife purchased three days prior:

Robert Jenrick's Vincent Square property

Overlooking a leafy square just minutes’ walk from the House of Commons, the four-storey property (ESTATE AGENT LISTING) was purchased with a loan from Citibank.

From the looks of planning applications filed with Westminster Council (search here for 14/01571/FULL) show that they plan to redevelop the property with a first-floor extension built by an established provider of high-end refurbishments, who is a co-director of Jenrick’s company.

The development will doubtless make Jenrick’s family and his bank manager very happy, but if this is the limit of his “entrepreneurship” then perhaps he should edit his Twitter bio.

As by-election CV exaggeration goes, this isn’t as bad as the Tories’ gaffe-prone Eastleigh candidate, who repeatedly (DETAILS) claimed to be a “business woman” — despite never been a director or held shares in a company for which she works.

Scrapbook’s scrutiny of Jenrick was brought to a temporary halt as the publicity shy candidate looks to have deleted his page from LinkedIn.

The online CV of the Tories’ auctioneer manager — going,  going … GONE!

  1. Alistair McIntosh says:

    The important part of the “Directorship” is that it looks like he avoided Stamp Duty by buying his London Property through his Limited Company.

    That’s more pertinent than whether he is truly an “entrepreneur”

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