Ex-debt charity director takes Wonga job

A former executive at a leading anti-payday loan campaign group has made a surprising career move…by taking a high profile PR job at Wonga.

In a startling display of gamekeeper turning poacher, Delroy Corinaldi, who was director of external affairs at StepChange until last year, has joined Wonga as head of public affairs.

StepChange, previously known as the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, offers free advice to people in debt, warning of the dangers of payday loans – and actively campaigns for Government to “clamp down” on lenders.

But in eight short months, Corinaldi has gone from a charity which says in stark terms on its website “Payday loans: Don’t use them to deal with debt” to leading the lobbying offensive for Britain’s biggest vampire lender.

In a statement announcing his departure from the charity last August, Corinaldi said:

“After four years I’m considering some exciting new challenges in finance, but I will always be passionate about the importance of achieving a society free from problem debt…”

A challenge indeed.

  1. Wow … the words hypocritical and git sort of jump to the front of my mind … but I’m sure he has a very valid reason (other than huge remuneration) to do what he’s done.

  2. I smell more than just a whiff of hypocrisy about this story given that there are adverts for payday loan companies at the top of your page and in-between the story and comment section. D’oh!

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