• Domestic violence victims pay Bedroom Tax for ‘safe room’
  • 280 homes with special secure areas hit with hated charge
  • MP bids to change rules with Commons motion

Bedroom Tax on domestic violence 'safe rooms'

With domestic violence victims up there with kidney dialysis patients in having specialist facilities deemed to be ‘spare’ bedrooms — an MP is bidding to exempt ‘safe rooms’ from the Bedroom Tax this afternoon.

Alison Seabeck’s motion — Safe and Sanctuary Rooms (Exemption from Under-occupancy Penalty) — looks to exempt women with strong bolts on the doors and bars on the windows of a ‘spare bedroom’ from having to pay for the privilege of safety.

After Lib Dems voted to support the Bedroom Tax in November — and even voted down an exemption for households with disabled children –Tim Farron heralded an apparent reverse ferret on the issue in February, telling Inside Housing:

“I do not expect our party to support this policy unreformed, we must take time to fix it, learn some lessons and make sure that it doesn’t hurt the most vulnerable in our communities.”

So how about ‘taking some time to fix it’ by supporting this motion at 12:30?

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