Anniina Davie as a Tory councillor

An arrest warrant has been issued after a former Tory councillor apparently fled the country in the wake of benefit fraud claims. Anniina Davie quit Bournemouth council last year citing “health grounds” — but now stands accused of illegally claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance and Employment Support Allowance while serving as a Tory member.

Davie is believed to be living in the small town of Lieto in her native Finland.

The 37 year-old is alleged to have taken the money despite trousering more than £11,000 year from taxpayers through council allowances.

  1. “Don’t do as we do do as you are told!” yeah right! the DWP hit squards go after innocent people ( yes they do exsit!) and this Tory sow is allowed to run off to Europe she should be made to return to the U.K and explain herself.
    But I.D.S will turn a blind eye not good for party image to do this.

    I hope in 2015 there will be a change but I guess Pigs will fly supersonic from there on.

  2. While I’m no supporter of Tories, I would like to say that the DWPs rules on allowances as a councillor and being in receipt of certain benefits are very unfair. I would like one day to be a local councillor (not for the allowances, but to actually improve and help locals) but as I’m a full time carer in receipt of Income Support I can’t actually afford to. However if I was a Job seeker on JSA then I would be able to run and serve without any penalty. To me this is disfranchising a hell of a lot of potentially good councillors on all sides of the political spectrum. Do we really want a council run by older retirees or would we want a diverse group?

  3. Marie Cleary says:

    Yet again, I’m reading something else that’s making this country a laughing stock!!! Why can’t we just get her arrested and brought back to the UK and be prosecuted for her benefit fraud? If it was me I’m sure my feet wouldn’t touch but here we go again, the Tories looking after their own. She should go to prison!!!

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