Iain Duncan Smith laughing

Crack open the champagne! Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship welfare policy has now been extended to a Jobcentre in Shotton, Wales, bringing the total number running the scheme to, errr, ten — or 1.3% of the 740 offices in the UK.

The latest figures show that the benefit has cost more than £200,000 per claimant to implementThe original deadline for the programme was October 2015 … but documentation accompanying last week budget stated:

“based on current plans, Universal Credit will be fully available in each part of Great Britain during 2016”

But this spin was later ‘clarified’, with the DWP explaining the benefit would be available in all Jobcentres — but not to all claimants.


  1. Graeme hannigan says:

    According to New Statesman mag last july, universal credit is only being rolled out at 10 job centres.

  2. Nigel Wootton says:

    I hope that evil personified, the DWP Secretary of genocide, is hung drawn and quartered at the Hague International Criminal Court in The Hague, for crimes against humanity. There will be no more of that gloating uproariously evil mug of his. He’s killed 40,000 of us, according to one ball park figure.

    Fester McVile and Insidious Dole Snatcher are utterly vile genocidal maniacs which bring disgrace to the House of Commons.

    David Cameron gushes out such torrents of diatribe and bare faced lies, as though we were all insane.

    David Cameron is Ich bien ein bin-liner – full of rubbish!

  3. jed goodright says:

    the picture is nausiating – take it down

    meanwhile, the labour party are happy to ‘mend’ universal credit and see at as the backbone to the welfare policy – they also voted for a Benefit cap today

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