Food banks

A Tory councillor has cited full restaurants as evidence that his borough doesn’t need another food bank. With Conservatives in Crawley ignoring the findings of the council’s Deprivation Scrutiny Panel — which suggested a food bank be set up at the town hall — Cllr Liam Marshall-Ascough said:

“People aren’t in poverty in terms of going without food. You try booking a restaurant in Crawley on a Friday or Saturday night. You can’t do it.”

It sounds like Cllr Marshall-Ascough would get on with government minister Lord ‘charities are to blame for food banks’ Freud.

  1. The guy is clearly out of touch with life in modern Britain.
    On the good side, he is helping the Yes! vote in the Scottish referendum.

  2. restaurant booking whats that!!! cant even afford a big mac!!!! them and us when i could work a restaurant meal was at least £30 per head (plus a drink!!!) equal to just under 70% (80 to 90 % with wine) of weekly jsa who can afford to eat out…
    never been to food bank due to shame of begging for hand outs
    law says benefits are given at the rate that law says is the minimum a person (family) need to survive with no luxuries for night out socialising etc
    what a utter out of touch Tory but that’s nothing new
    if your rich have a good job / income then living on the bread line has no meaning these Eton boys will never understand the only way they know how to make ends meet is to ask their butlers to tie their shoe laces :~(

  3. A friend told me earlier about an Eton boy who was asked to write about a family in poverty.

    I was told he wrote

    The father was poor,
    the mother was poor,
    the children were poor
    even THE BUTLER was poor.

    God I’d love to be able to afford a meal out never mind a butler to open the door on my return home, LOL!!!

  4. That has to be one of the most extreme and perverse form of prejudice I have ever seen. Normally it is blacks or women or foreigners or Jews but this guy can block ALL people together and judge them as if they were all the same. There is no doubt that this man is mentally severely ill. If he can’t see there are some people who have too much money and some who don’t have enough it beggars belief. I wonder how he operates on a daily basis. He needs locking up.

  5. Think this guy and a lot of the goverment haven’t got a clue when it comes to living in the real world.

  6. Media spin guys. Don’t buy into it.

    He’s my brother – state school, single parent family, council house and we struggled day to day.

    Taken out of context and spun to create a dramatic headline.

  7. Restaurants aren’t the only places he has difficulty getting into.

    Appears he also finds it hard to get into his own council chamber with just a 63% attendance.

  8. OMG – Tell you what – you’d make a good lover to that hateful similarly minded TORY Edwina Curry. Her recent appearance on TV regarding food banks was just shocking – she smirked throughout. These people are just SICK – they are trying to stifle the truth about the increase in food poverty under their rule and austerity methods – ie giving the poorer members of our society the worst ever deals you can think of. Shame on them.
    I’m not hungry or in need but I do understand the problems having been there in my past.

  9. Taken out of context? It seems perfectly coherent to me.

    Here are some other quotes attributed to your brother in the same article, linked to above:

    “I disagree that people are in desperate need in terms of food banks.”

    “There is a £26,000-a-year benefits cap – that equates to earning £36,000 a year before tax. There is something wrong if they can’t live on that.”

    “To my knowledge the (existing) food bank in Crawley (run by Crawley Community Voluntary Service) isn’t oversubscribed.”

    In summary: –
    By Liam’s calculations the minimum income for an UK citizen is £36k pa gross, when in fact the average is £26.5k (obviously when the effect of those earning multiple millions are stripped out, many many people are earning below the average and not all are entitled to welfare payments to take them up the £36k figure the councillor claimed.)

    The local food bank is not oversubscribed (but he doesn’t know for sure because he hasn’t bothered to check)

    He doesn’t think there SHOULD be a need for food banks, but clearly has not heard about the Tory run DWP’s massive incompetence and failure to meet its own targets for paying out support, causing hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable to need emergency food aid.
    A basic education on the circumstances in which UK citizens currently need food aid can be found here:

    This man appears to display the optimum balance of willful ignorance, lack of empathy and arrogance necessary to succeed in the modern Tory party. I have no doubt he has a bright future ahead of him as a conservative politician.

  10. Cannot offord chippy never mind going out for a meal that’s what coucilers waste out council tax on

  11. And yet even as we see more evidence of the deluded nature of the Conservative party, the sheep will keep voting them in.

    I’ve an idea, let’s stop attacking the tories for being nasty bigoted greedy vain and out of touch and attack the voters for their narrow self serving stupidity in continuing to vote for the dog turd in a blue/purple rosette that is on the ballot paper.

  12. Do you not think perhaps that if you had put the work in from a young age, tried hard at school and got a decent education you could have got a job which pays relatively well?
    I come from a normal background but have worked hard to get an education, i think too many people expect others to provide for them.

  13. Paul Trembath says:

    @James Bailey: Even an education doesn’t guarantee a good job; but someone has to do those other jobs, anyway. The majority of people using food banks are working families and are trying very hard to provide for themselves. And it’s odd how we get a plague of fecklessness every time the economy nosedives, as if nearly everyone will do a job if they can get one, and don’t actually expect someone else to provide for them if they have any option whatsoever.

  14. Ah there you go then James Bailey, if everyone got a decent education then there’d miraculously be an extra 2.4m jobs available for them when they leave, plus nobody’d be on minimum wage as they’ve all got a job that pays relatively well. Management pay grade for all!

    Seriously? Which planet are you on? Oh yes, Planet Imalrightjack, that’s the one.

    I’ve got a job with what I think is a respectable wage of about £30K/year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t empathise with the ones on JSA who get treated like dirt by JobCentre staff, sanctioned (just to meet the 1-in-20 sanction targets) and end up going cap-in-hand to foodbanks that any decent, modern society should have no need for.

    Sounds like you need to give it a try, sunshine.

  15. James Bailey says:

    Therefore is the implication not that everyone is not equal and there needs to be some sort of differentiation in order for society to function? The differentiator is income. I completely agree with some sort of benefit system and even food banks to aid and top up those who are genuinely unable to work or who only work part time due to child care etc. I have a problem with those who take advantage of the system and also moan about life not being fair without doing anything about it themselves

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