• Page 3 moved to page 1 ‘in name of cancer prevention’
  • Women told: tweet pictures grabbing your breasts
  • Material actually aimed at women comes after page 31

The Sun Page 3 campaign

The spectre of breast cancer and the Sun’s attempts to defend Page 3 come crashing together this morning — with the “family newspaper” attempting to link the outdated ‘feature’ with a women’s health campaign.

While the paper’s centre-folded Me section has bona-fide coverage and medical advice aimed at the audience of women, the front page cynically hijacks the CoppaFeel campaign to defend prominent topless photos under the masthead “Page 3 Girls V Breast Cancer”:

“Page 3’s are the most famous boobs in Britain and will act as a fantastic reminder to all Sun readers to get to know their breasts.”

And in a move designed to provide PR cover for Page 3 on a continuous basis, the paper will be on ‘public health duties’ every week:

“Each Tuesday our famed Page 3 will be dedicated to reminding readers to be ‘boob aware’ and to check for signs of the disease.”

Editor David Dinsmore chimes in:

“Through the iconic power of Page 3 I hope all our readers will check ’em.”

Suffice it to say this has gone down like a pint of sick:

It’s the campaign to save Page 3 … errr, sorry … lives!

  1. I hate it when companies raise awareness of important subjects and actually want to benefit from it in some way.

    Damn you capitalism, you awful, uncaring bastard

  2. Jonny, you miss the point completely. The Sun isn’t doing it to raise awareness, they’re doing it because they’re running scared from the burgeoning ‘No More Page 3’ campaign and want to look like they actually give a damn about women. In reality they couldn’t give a crap, and are exploiting the subject for their knuckle-dragging readership’s titillation.

    Notice that they aren’t running a similar campaign for male cancer involving armies of beefcakes grabbing their balls or giving themselves prostate exams. But that would just be gratuitous, wouldn’t it?

  3. And where does it say that, Joe? Coppafeel isn’t The Sun’s campaign; it’s an independent campaign that is using The Sun as its platform. They’re applauding how Coppafeel has gotten the exposure (pardon the pun) but please point me to where the article shows any support for the newspaper.

  4. It can be exciting when newspapers back important issues. … Today The Sun uses the platform of Page 3 to highlight the important issue of breast cancer awareness.

  5. I still can’t see how that’s backing The Sun, so allow me to copy/paste in reply: “That said, we can’t help but feel that it’s a real shame the Sun has decided to use these sexualised images of young women to highlight breast cancer.”

  6. OK, fair point. But funny how there was no campaign against Page 3 the entire duration of the Labour government when Murdoch was supporting Blair. As soon as that backing was withdrawn, all of a sudden Labour and its allies suddenly decided they really, really hate Murdoch and Page 3. In fact, so angry were they, that’s why Ed Miliband still attended cocktail parties held last summer by Rebekah Brooks. That’ll show ’em!

  7. I’m not much of a follower of politics so I can’t comment on what Labour may or may not hate, but No More Page 3 was conceived by a member of the public.

  8. You’re not much of a follower of politics and you’re reading and commenting on a website called Political Scrapbook? Nice one.

  9. Sanctimonious lefties getting screwed up about the Murdoch Press. Don’t you just love Guido’s comment Who the F reads political Crapbook.

  10. Presumably the goal is to gain maximum publicity for the cause and this unquestionably The Sun can and has achieved. On what planet is this not a good thing to do – presumably the one where no one suffers the risk of breast cancer. Well done to The Sun.

  11. Simon,

    You asked “On what planet is this not a good thing to do?” On the ‘planet left’ where an inferior outcome is always preferable to anything associated with those we don’t like.

  12. A lot of women who have actually suffered from breast cancer complain about this use of young and pretty-titted women, especially when the majority of breast cancer sufferers are going to be over fifty. I have never suffered with cancer myself, but I have read a few complaints about the trivialisation of the condition from various people. Though I have no idea as to what the better solution would be.

    Also, Fred, I believe the person that reads Political Crapbook is you. HTH.

  13. Dear Joe,

    The anti page 3 campaign has nothing to do with politics. It started when one woman noticed the page 3 girl pic was bigger and more prominent than pic of Jess Ennis when she won gold at 2012. She realised that something has to change. Boobs aren’t news and aren’t more important than women’s many other successes.

    Whether you agree with page 3 or not you have to blind not to see that this is a very cheap and distasteful ploy by the Sun.

  14. The anti page 3 stuff is nonsense. They’re consenting adults, everyone knows what’s on page 3 of every Sun. Don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    This sort of po-faced moralising was exactly what were aiming for, and if it raises awareness of cancer, fantastic

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