UKIP UFO video

Have you ever wondered what a UKIP party election broadcast crossed with a sci-fi B-movie would look like? Well, errr, wonder no longer:

“EUFO’s [sic] invade the City of Bradford, only UKIP stands in their way of EU’s invasion. Leader of the UKIP’s District forces faces down the evil EU bureaucrat in Bradford’s City Hall.”

That’s right. To compensate for their lack of representation in a city where the lock of the main parties has already been broken by 11 independent councillors across four groupings, ‘kippers in West Yorkshire have wasted their time producing a “spoof Sci-Fi election video with a serious message”.

UKIP UFO video

Passable special effects include UFOs looming over Bradford landmarks whiles local ‘kippers are interviewed in the foreground — before one EU-branded monstrosity destroys the local university with an energy beam.

UKIP UFO video

Local party chairman and narrator Jason Smith says of the manifesto which Nigel Farage calls “drivel” and admits he didn’t read:

“We have the most comprehensive manifesto of any UK political party, as unlike the old anti-UK parties … our self governance will allow us to make policy in every area”

First there was the UKIP sandwich poem leaflet … now this.


  1. The woman in the daft woolly hat in that film states that the UK donates £100,000 a minute to the EU. That would mean £52,560,000,000 annually. Where is she getting her figures from?

  2. Because that’s what the UK needs, a more extreme form of the Tories decimating our Country.
    There’s a reason there is no UKip MPs, we already have a bunch of cluster-fucks ruining our Country with Thatcherite ideology, we don’t need anymore.

  3. Except that it it’s a metaphor for the EU. You did know that didn’t you? I hope you did.

    You Eurotrolls are getting really desperate now aren’t you?

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