Iain Duncan Smith

All you need to know about the Bedroom Tax:

1 July 2013:

Liam Byrne: Will the Secretary of State tell the House whether he thinks the bedroom tax is proving a runaway success?

Iain Duncan Smith: It is proving a success, because what it is doing—[Laughter.] No. What it is doing is finally shining a light on the previous Government’s failure to sort out the mess in social housing

28 March 2014:

New research reveals that the Bedroom Tax has failed to achieve its main objective of forcing victims to move to smaller homes. Employment minister claims hated policy is “not a failure”

At least they’re managing to deliver on Universal Credit … errr …

  1. We need to honest with the electorate here, the main objective of the bedroom tax is to lower the cost of providing benefits to the less well off in the UK.

  2. IDS has delusions of competency. Even Gideon Osborne said he wasn’t smart enough to be a minister. If that moronic arse clown thinks he’s too dim to be in government …

  3. The main objective of the bedroom tax is to punish the poor because, as an English tory, you are too weak, spineless & cowardly to adopt ideologies more suitable for the 21st century. You are a declining political force, a cancer, a malignancy which is fast crystalizing into a tumour called Etonoxbridge. And you wag the finger at Putin, you malignant shit.

  4. The main objective of the bedroom tax is not to save money but to take money out ofsocial hhousing and put it into the hands of rentier private landlords. The proof for this is that a social housing occupant is exempt from any reduction in income if they move to privately rented accommodation. Also there is no exemption for people considered to be under occupying in areas where there is no smaller propertys.

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