Karl McCartney: Have a sense of humour over sexism

After his female Labour opponent was likened to a lingerie model, well-lunched sexist oaf and Tory MP Karl McCartney tried to evade criticism for supporting the attack by claiming it was funny.

In what is clearly a reference to the furore, McCartney has now suggested that his opponents are thick to understand the ‘joke’:

“With satire,the level of offence is often proportionate to the stupidity of the offended party.”

We’re not holding our breath on that apology.

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  1. Typical of the idiotic people who believe themselves to be our representatives. Yet act as though they represent nothing other than their own, vested, interests. Remove this faulty person from office.

  2. I won’t be offended by his sexism as long as he isn’t offended at being likened to his disproportionately small male member….

  3. Chris Hockney says:

    Like Lord Rennard who abused his position and touched women up and made smutty advances these sort of people think they are above the law .One word sums them up Predators !!!!!!!!!

  4. Not a Boeing – it will be a Junkers 52 bought to attend rallies of the faithful just as their hero did in 1930’s Germany. Seig Heil

  5. Despite the rather tasteless way in which it was brought up – does beg the question how a corporate lawyer from Islington, with no connection to Lincoln a couple of years ago (had probably never been there) gets selected.

  6. Another gormless Tory MP, out of touch with the real world and blinkered to his own crass stupidity. Surely they can’t all be like this?

  7. Once again this arrogant idiot opens his mouth without putting his brain in gear. Having read some of his written replies to his constituents on various matters im sure his days are numbered.

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