Michael Gove on Lord Nash

Michael Gove has belittled one of his own ministers as having “no experience of education”. The comment on Lord Nash was prompted by the peer’s handling of a new Free School — which has been delayed by a year despite his department previously claiming it would go ahead.

Relating exchanges in a meeting with Gove, local Tory MP James Clappison told a gathering of supporters of Harperbury Free School, which was blocked after it failed to finalise a deal to buy land from the Department of Health:

“Michael Gove said Lord Nash was a junior minister with no experience in education.

If Gove thinks so little of the venture capitalist and academy sponsorScrapbook wonders why he was made a minister in his department.

Anyone would think it was simply because he was a Tory donor.

  1. Keith Roberts says:

    So how much real experience in Education did Gove have before he started wrecking the system and rewriting the National Curriculum? Answers on a small slate please.

  2. Recently heard ‘Lord Nash’ at a conference, where he came out with remarks showing how out-of-touch he is and came out with offensive comments, including overtly racist remarks. Just three examples. ‘Oh, this podium can’t have been built by Irish, as there is nowhere to put a drink’ and ‘I spoke to the parents [of a school in a deprived in area] mainly through an interpreter’, not to mention saying that over half of governors on most governing bodies ‘couldn’t run a bath’.

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