Peter Brock and David Laws

A Lib Dem has been convicted of stealing from the Poppy Appeal charity but is set to remain a councillor because he was only sentenced to community service. Yeovil councillor Peter Brock — pictured above with Yeovil MP and schools minister David Lawsadmitted trousering £1,231 as chairman of the Royal British Legion’s local branch.

Cllr Brock failed to attend a meeting on accounting irregularities before he finally admitted writing himself 23 cheques. He even had the cheek to downplay fundraising expectations in one of the years he was nicking donations, blaming the financial crisis:

“It would be great to meet last year’s total or beat it, but we have to be realistic.

“People only have so much money.”

Having escaped with 150 hours of community service, Brock avoids automatic disqualification which would comes with a three-month suspended prison sentence or greater.

It remains to be seen whether the Lib Dems dump him or stick their fingers in their ears.

UPDATE: The Lib Dems are breaking with tradition and actually acting on this. The local party chairman tells Scrapbook that Cllr Brock has already been suspended from the council group and proceedings to expel him from the party are under way.

  1. It’s about time “any” politician breaks the law and is proven guilty, and sentenced even if it is to community service should lose the right to public office! These people should be held accountable.

  2. Charlie Fleming says:

    how much lower can this maggot get people who are struggling with finances on a daily basis have probably contributed towards the money this maggot has stolen from the charity,it beggers belief that only community service was his punishment,he should have been given a custodial sentence and made to resign from the party with no benefits whatsoever.

  3. This man,,thats if you can call him a man ,should have been sent down not given a community order,,in the forces if you stole from your mates it was collie pretty quick smart feed the criminal to the wolves ,,when i tried his number he would nt play ,,coward

  4. What the hell is it with Lib dems if they are not screwing expense claims like NICK HARVEY they are dipping into the poppy appeal, what is it with remembrance day and THEM!!!!

  5. Yes, Brock is in the foreground, sporting a chest full of medals, but according to Simon Woodrow, chairman of the Yeovil and District branch of The Royal British Legion,
    “He has…. never having served a day in the Forces himself, he will no doubt be totally unaware of the degree of bad feeling held against him.”

    Says it all really. The man is scum.

    Read more:

  6. andrew robert bell says:

    What a low life. Anyone else would have received a custodial sentence. Stealing from charity, you can’t get much lower than that. Let’s hope his community punish him because the courts have basically given him a slap on the wrist. Disgraceful, the magistrates must have been his mates!

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