• Documents set to reveal full extent of chaos in flagship scheme
  • Could provide ‘smoking gun’ showing IDS misled parliament
  • Tribunal slams “sharp contrast” between DWP spin and reality
  • Final release of documents could depend on outcome of DWP appeal

Iain Duncan Smith: liar, pants on fire

A judge has ordered the DWP to disclose potentially damning documents relating to the botched Universal Credit programme. The papers could provide a ‘smoking gun’ which proves conclusively that Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP misled parliament with their ridiculously optimistic assessments of progress on the programme.

The documents were requested by campaigners, including journalist Tony Collins (@tonyrcollins), under the Freedom of Information Act in March and April last year. The DWP has fought tooth and nail to keep them secret — even sending the director of the programme to court to argue against disclosure.

The documents include:

  • Project Assessment Review — periodic high level review of large project
  • Issues Register — details of problems and failures
  • High Level Milestone Schedule — sequence of activities and timings

The tribunal upheld a decision not to release the project’s Risk Register, a comprehensive assessment of potential risks ranked by likelihood and severity.

Scrapbook has blogged before (here and here) on Iain Duncan Smith’s attempts to disguise his failure. If the documents are published they will be inevitably set against the chronology of statements emanating from the department, a theme picked up by the tribunal:

We are struck by the sharp contrast [of critical independent reports] with the unfailing confidence and optimism of a series of press releases by the DWP or ministerial statements as to the progress of [Universal Credit] during the relevant period. The press release of 1st. November, 2011 quoting the Secretary of State as saying that UCP was “on track and on time for implementing from 2013” and a DWP spokesperson in 2012, refuting criticism from the Shadow Secretary of State –

“ Liam Byrne is quite simply wrong. Universal Credit is on track and on budget. To suggest anything else is incorrect.”

are simply examples of the summary of press releases

Scrapbook understands the department could yet appeal to a so-called ‘Upper Tribunal’.

  1. IDS has not misled parliament, IDS has “lied” to parliament. Lying to parliament is sanctionable why then does the speaker of the house not name him.

  2. marie hitchen says:

    iain duncan smith has set up the whole universal credit to rob claimants of their rightfull benefits a clear case of robbery he shoukd be imprisoned for this !

  3. Harry Wright says:

    IDS believed people – especially those with a disability – would just roll over and accept the crap he was peddling. As Abdul Aziz has said, IDS has lied to Parliament and should, indeed MUST be held accountable.

  4. Dorothy Jump says:

    Awful how can this be happening to disabled and sick people. Wrong doings going on behind closed doors the Human rights law office needs to be informed this should not be happening. I am a Carer for my son I am worried for him. I am challenging with a petition at http://www.change.org dorothy jump government policy on Disability Living allowance changes please support.

  5. Julie gennis says:

    They don’t even use medical staff to do assessments that can’t be legal , this is one big cock up and needs to made public ASAP

  6. steven george says:

    I have been watching with horror the outcome of benefit changes, but realise that as he, and all his friends, even if they became ill, are aware they would get preferential treatment, and have the money to cushion themselves, therefore as it will never effect them, they dont care, plus his long term plan was to get rid of as many sick and disabled as he possibly could, and sadly its working.

  7. Brian Hooper says:

    This incompetent creature should be sacked and removed from the houses of parliament permanently for such hideous lies that have resulted in the loss of life.

  8. If they have nothing to hide why won’t they release the paperwork and show the world they are honest, reliable, and capable of doing there job. If they don’t then it shows the world that something is not right and something needs doing rapidly, because the longer you wait the more people will suffer or even die. There’s nothing anyone can do all they are going to do is drag it through the courts. Can anyone tell me what would happen if it turns out that they have lied and played parliament boss’s

  9. I have a PhD and worked as a senior lecturer at a university for 17 years. Then I got sick. I have been treated like a criminal and humiliated in many ways by ATOS & DWP. I recently told someone from DWP, that I am merely the middle man. I get paid money to hand over to utility companies. I am lucky if I have enough to eat (I am sick of jacket potato & beans). Money I am supposed to pay for care pays for gas and electric. So, its been a while since anyone helped me with a bath or my shopping. I hope IDS gets what is coming to him – a prison sentence for acts against humanity and for ignoring my human rights.

  10. Let us not forget that whilst IDS has done nothing but mislead parliament from day one about UC and everything else he has ever led, that he has behind him, the worst TORY led government that ever came to power, egging him on all the way. Not much point getting rid of the monkey when the organ grinder can just find another one.

  11. Every single person that has put questions about any official figures and statistics to the man, has been met with the same mantra each time, that the figures are either wrong or misleading. Let us be under no illusion here about who is misleading who. When it comes to integrity, it appears ever more blatant by the day, that the millions of poor, law abiding people who struggle on quietly with their daily lives, hounded and insulted by this worthless liar, has buckets of integrity overflowing from them, compared to that thing, and the rest of their

  12. all ways said karma would catch up with fat lying bxatard ha ha wished him nothing but badness ever since I became aware of his fantasy projects

  13. Stephen John Shirt says:

    This Government are all lying through there teeth at every turn,it’s disgusting that this has gone on for so long,too many people have Died,had Breakdowns,it is about time Cameron & co just realised how bad a state this Beautiful Island of our’s is in.Cameron,I.D.S and the rest of this Government are just following on from Thatcher,they only care for the rich and well off,they are nothing but Smug,Arrogant Smarmy Lying set of Heartless Two faced Cretins

  14. If the whole of the rhetoric and the changes made by this gumbymint were applied to any other minority, they would be charged with “hate” crimes, discrimination, offensive behaviour and a host of other crimes. If perpetrated by any other organisation or individual, the police would be on it, like my dog on his dinner, yet they allow odious cretins like IDS and his cronies to get away with it.

    As usual, double standards rule the day.

  15. instead of all this moaning, justified or not, what is required here is for a member of the public or a journalist to challenge IDS in public and on camera, receive the same cover up answers, then call him a “LIAR” to his face and challenge him to sue.
    He either produces the evidence and sues or accepts being branded a liar in public.

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