David Cameron facepalm

With get-rich-quick internet spiv Grant Shapps in charge at Tory HQ, it should come as little surprise that they might shell out £7,500 for Facebook ads generating nearly 70,000 ‘likes’ for David Cameron on the social network.

While this is slightly embarrassing, it would have been worse if Cameron had paid for completely fake followers from so-called ‘click farms’ based in South or Central Asia. Guardian tech hack Alex Hern observes:

“At least in buying likes through an advert, Cameron ensured that he’s probably getting them from actual British voters.”

But Scrapbook isn’t so sure if figures from analytics site Social Bakers are to be believed. 15.4% (around 23,000) of David Cameron’s likes come from India, Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries — nearly six times the proportion of such ‘likes’ for any other active British politician or party:

David Cameron Facebook stats

David Cameron Facebook likes comparison

And while you might argue that the PM name recognition would carry weight abroad, even Tony Blair draws less of his Facebook likes from the region.

So it this really all “above board”, as Shapps’ people have claimed?

  1. Randall Northam says:

    Is there any data on how many people blocked Cameron’s face from appearing on their timeline? There’s at least one – me

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