Michael Gove DFE website hack

A mischievous hacker has defaced the Department for Education website — with a news article ‘revealing’ that the education secretary plans to teach the nation’s children on his own:

“EDUCATION MINISTER Michael Gove today unveiled new plans to single-handedly teach every child in the UK.

“Gather around kids!” he said, while ushering every single British child into one cavernous class-room.

“According to reports, one small girl in the class began to cry. “Aw, do you miss your Mummy?” asked Gove, gently. “Well, Mummy has fundamentally failed to provide for your education so forget about her.”

The cross-site scripting vulnerability was found by coder Terence Eden (@edent) on a section of the site which had been … [drumroll] … outsourced to private provider, Texuna!

“Texuna don’t have any secure way for people to report flaws to them and, when notified, struggled to find someone who could take responsibility.”

According to TES the department and Texuna took A MONTH to fix the security flaw and take down the article — even after they were informed of the hack.

In fairness, that’s still quicker than their FOI response time.

  1. My, what an incisive criticism, John.
    Good boy, you’re nearly ready for big school now, congratulations. Now, off you go and play with yourself.

  2. I'm no orthan! says:

    John was never hugged as a child, you must forgive him. He also never had access to universal health care, police, justice, fire, or an education being a righty.

    Personally, GREAT SCOTT good on the hacker! just highlighting the flaws in the system, of which there are many and wide and not at all open to criticism. Also shows how outsourcing so much of the work (and privatisation) is actually worthless.

  3. Lloyd Adam Cofagen says:

    John, disagreeing with someone clearly not fit for their position in politics doesn’t make you left or right…

  4. John, you are spot on, as is evident from the couple of lefty simpletons who attacked you and Mr Gove.

  5. John, in absolute agreement with you. About time we had some more bollox from the lefties as, in recent times, there has been a more heavily weighted amount of bollox from the right. In the interest of equal airtime, it’s about time we had more of an equal input of bollox from all parties.

    There now follows some bollox on behalf of the Liberal Democratic party.

  6. Anyone who laughs at Michael Gove must be left wing.

    How do I know? I just made it up, that’s how.

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