Jake Berry and Grant Shapps

Plodding backbencher and sidekick to Grant Shapps, Jake Berry MP, looks to be getting nervous about his marginal Lancashire seat — lashing out at local rivals in a smear article on Guido Fawkes.

The piece quotes an “anonymous source” on Berry’s northerly neighbour, Blackburn MP Jack Straw and his son Will, who is standing against Berry in 2015:

“Like father like son,” says a suspicious local resident, “his old man barely ever spends any time up here, sweeping in once a month like the Emperor of Blackburn.”

Which is all rather embarrassing given that Straw Snr is running the same regime of fortnightly constituency surgeries as Berry and has done so since 1982, including while in the cabinet. What’s more, Blackburn residents can walk into a Straw surgery without an appointment — unlike Berry who demands constituents book in advance.

At least this botched intervention is an improvement on tweeting pictures of dead kids.

UPDATE: With Guido also claiming that Straw Jnr wore a flat cap in order to make himself more appealing to Lancashire voters, the story has now been updated to reflect the fact he did no such thingThat’s both planks of the story demolished then.

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