• Farage debate claim: EU has “blood on its hands” over Crimea
  • Back in 2004 he tried to blame EU for letter bomb campaign
  • Staffer for British MEP was injured when device exploded

Nigel Farage debate

While his performance included a stumble on gay marriage and weak excuses for employing his wife with taxpayers’ money (VIDEO), it is Nigel Farage’s controversial comments on Crimea which have emerged as the most prominent black spot on his snap poll victory.

Nigel has form in this area. In 2004 an Italian anarchist group sent letter bombs to European political leaders, with one exploding at the Manchester office of Labour MEP Gary Titley.

This prompted Farage to claim that this was the, errr, “price of forcing a political ideal on people”:

“We have spent 10 years warning that the route the European Union has chosen for itself, to swallow up nation states without giving the people of Europe the final say, was destined to end in civil unrest and violence.

“It would appear that that prediction is now coming true.

“We can only hope that the EU comes to its senses and listens to the people.

“If it fails to do so, then there is clearly a very real danger of an accelerating wave of attacks as more and more extremist groups resort to violence as they are denied democracy.”

Justifying terrorism anyone?

  1. Hate to say it guys, but he’s right about this one, the EU and US stuck its nose in, and got it bitten off for their troubles. Weather its US citizens expelled from the country for supplying encrypted communication devices or the snipers that EU members knew were not from the Ukrainian government but were in fact ‘rebels’ wanting to gain the most exposure in the glare of the worlds press…. Odd how the snipings took place RIGHT OUTSIDE where western journalist were staying huh?!

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