• MP ran surgery restricted solely to customers of Halifax bank
  • Tory James Duddridge used to work as retail banker
  • Has intervened in Commons in support of retail banks

James Duddridge surgery for Halifax customers

Former Scrapbook writer Matthew Dent hasn’t lost his touch, with the revelation that a Tory MP has hosted his surgery in a bank — and restricted his assistance to customers of that bank. Dent snapped a laminated poster advertising James Duddridge’s surgery this coming Friday:

“No appointment necessary”

“Exclusively for Halifax customers”

Intriguingly, Duddridge used to work as a retail (and then investment) banker and still trousers £6,000 a year as an adviser to a firm of financial planners.

But it gets worse. He’s even intervened in the Commons in support of retail banks, specifically citing Lloydsthe owners of, errrr, Halifax bank.

“About 650 people work for Lloyds TSB in Southend, with a similar number working for RBS. In addition, there are about 20 branches, each employing 10 individuals. Does my right hon. Friend agree that this banking reform is just as much about helping the banking industry in the whole of the United Kingdom as it is about the square mile of the City or Canary Wharf?”

James Duddridge: the Tory MP who ‘gives you extra’ (if you have a Halifax account).

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