With the Tories pushing the absurd notion that they are the “Workers’ Party”, a breathless Robert Halfon did his best to defend this spin in the Commons earlier today.

There’s certainly nothing that says Workers’ Party like a chorus of plummy laughter and cries of “heaaah, heaaah” (translation “hear, hear”). And the most audibly sonorous baritone encouragement to Halfon came from Oxfordshire MP Sir Tony Baldry.

Surely there could be no better advocate for the working man?

  • Educated at private boarding school
  • Former army officer and member of the Freemasons
  • Former personal assistant to Margaret Thatcher
  • Later made a minister by Thatcher
  • Still has second job as a barrister
  • Trousers at least £130,000 per year through directorships
  • This brings total income to the £200,000 per year mark
  • Lives in picturesque Oxfordshire village of Bloxham

In keeping with his role as a minister during the Thatcher era, Baldry is also a keen supporter of the mining industryin, errrr, West Africa.

Back in 2005, he asked the government for an endorsement of a diamond mining operation in Sierra Leone — without revealing that its owners has paid his company $75,000.

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