Robert Watts

A council leader in one of the worst hit areas by the floods has responded to a residents’ questions on the crisis by blaming them (VIDEO):

“If people want to live by the river, that’s up to them.”

Spelthorne Borough resident Jason McCarthy had started to film councillor Robert Watts as he was walking off — refusing to answer questions on support from the council despite homes being flooded for nearly a week:

McCarthy: “Is that your answer then?”
Cllr Watts: “That’s one answer.”
McCarthy: “So it’s basically our fault, is it?”
Cllr Watts: “I didn’t say that.”
McCarthy: “But that’s what you implied.”

Great election material.

  1. I agree. People who live next to a river or on a flood plain must be aware of the risk of flooding. That’s not to say they shouldn’t get help or, in some cases, flood protection but they can’t act as if it’s something that’s come completely out of the blue and is, somehow, someone else’s fault.

  2. One thing I remember learning in GCSE Geography was that rivers are meant to flood. It is part of the lifecycle of a river. Be prepared, but don’t be surprised.

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