Godfrey Bloom with UKIP conference programme

Godfrey Bloom’s brand of sexism and xenophobia may have rendered him unwelcome in the European Parliament group meetings of his own party — but apparently not at gatherings of young Tories.

Bloom was praised by Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) after he told their members on Monday evening:

“Welfare is the cancer of the nation”

And to laughter when discussing the honours system:

“This is the problem. You want your wife, Sharon, to be Lady Sharon. You want it for her, for being a nice little wife – you’ve not cheated on her. Much. People will sell their souls for an honour.”

CUCA chairman James Mottram — who definitely owns a pair of red trousers — gushed:

“Godfrey Bloom was a fantastic speaker and I am very proud CUCA was able to play host to him last night … I have received nothing but positive responses from those who were actually there”

There were five sluts, ahem sorry, women at the forty strong meeting.

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