UKIP's Godfrey Bloom and Jane Collins

With shamed MEP Godfrey Bloom standing down for UKIP in Brussels (though not as a party member) his successor in the European Parliament will almost certainly be Jane Collins, who is #1 on their list for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

If you’re hoping that Collins’ gender would indicate less regressive social views, you’re going to be disappointed. She tells the Hull Daily Mail of Bloom:

“I am pleased he has not left the party, he is being incredibly supportive.

“As for the ‘slut’ remark, I was there and everyone in the room took it as a joke.”

So that’s okay then.

Did we mention that she was his election campaign manager?

  1. Headline: ‘it’s okay to call women “sluts”‘
    Actual: ‘“As for the ‘slut’ remark, I was there and everyone in the room took it as a joke.”’

    Could you honestly not have reported on the story in a way that didn’t involve basing your entire hook around a made up headline?

    As a side note, do you *honestly* believe what you’ve written? When stand up comedians make jokes about, say, killing someone – would you claim that person said it was OK to murder people?

    Get. A. Grip. You’re turning into a parody of the politics you claim to represent.

  2. Northernheckler says:

    Much as I tend to think of UKIP in the ‘swivel eyed loon’ category, I have to agree with @Jonny above – “Bloom successor says it’s OK to call women sluts” – she said nothing of the sort.

    Don’t lower yourself to the level of the gutter press by twisting words to make your argument. It’s easy enough to ridicule them without doing that.

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