• Quilliam denied claims they would pay ex-EDL leader
  • But emails reveal they planned taxpayer-funded bung
  • FOI exposes begging letters to Eric Pickles’ department

Tommy Robinson and Maajid Nawaz

Having brokered Tommy Robinson’s exit from the EDL, the anti-Islamist Quilliam Foundation faced accusations that the link-up was motivated by their less-than-great financial position. Indeed, Maajid Nawaz is rumoured to have approached at least one other organisation in their sector about the possibility of a merger.

On more than one occasion, Scrapbook has asked Quilliam about the funding ramifications of the EDL coup — and whether thug and fraudster Robinson would be paid for anti-extremism “consultancy”. The last time, they told us:

“Tommy Robinson isn’t doing anything for Quilliam. He’s not a member of staff here … He’s his own man.”

“We do outreach work. Tommy Robinson does other things and he’s not working here.”

But this is hardly consistent with begging emails from Quilliam boss Maajid Nawaz to the head of counter-extremism in DCLG. The following was obtained through freedom of information (FULL DOCUMENT).

Quilliam DCLG funding email 1

And it gets worse — they wanted money specifically for Robinson:

Quilliam wanted money for Tommy Robinson

Scrapbook was unable to reach Robinson for comment … because he’s in prison.

  1. I don’t understand why you seem to have such a personal vendetta against Maajid – he’s had death threats recently and is subject to an extremely illiberal campaign. Why aren’t you concerned about that, rather than picking on small details like this that actually aren’t particularly scandalous?

  2. @funkydisciple says:

    Louis – as much as I like and support Maajid Nawaz he’s asking for money, tax payer money, to help facilitate the racist EDL leader in to mainstream. The Gov and previous Gov have said that no money will go or should go to individuals or organisations with extremist views. Even though Quilliam are not the extremist organisation it is going towards someone who’s helped create a lot of fear for a lot of people in the muslim community.

  3. Have to agree with Louis. Helping someone like Robinson might leave a bad taste in the mouth but his leaving the EDL was a coup for anti-fascists not that they seem to have noticed.
    Perceived legitimacy is the oxygen for fascist movements. The BNP imploded when they used up their’s and Tommy Robinson with his middling sounding “I love and work with peaceful Muslim groups” spiel was the EDL’s greatest source of it.

  4. Also I’m not sure there’s a contradiction between saying you’re not paying the bloke at the moment, and seeking funding to pay him. Is there something else about Nawaz I’ve missed?

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