• Ex-Marks & Spencer boss Stuart Rose brought in as adviser
  • Works for private equity firm looking to takeover NHS care
  • Rose ‘helping’ hospital … while Care UK bids for the contract

Stuart Rose at Tory conference

Jeremy Hunt is drafting in ex-Marks & Spencers boss Stuart Rose to conduct a review of hospitals. But eyebrows have been raised by Rose’s role with private equity firm Bridgepoint, which owns Care UK — a health firm at the forefront of the stealth privatisation of the NHS.

Tory-supporting Rose addressed Conservative Party conference in October 2010 (above) before putting his name to a letter backing austerity policies just days later.

But it gets worse. The government’s press release explains:

“Sir Stuart will particularly look at the problems faced by the 14 trusts currently in ‘special measures’, the programme to turn-around failing hospitals introduced last year, where strong leadership was identified as key to improvement.”

One of the hospitals which Sir Stuart will be ‘helping’ is George Eliot in Warwickshire. This hospital is currently subject to a takeover bid from, errrr, Care UK.

Conflict of interest much?

  1. Maurice Gibbons says:

    This information is disgusting, so much for Cameron’s pledge about the NHS being safe in his hands, perhaps he meant in his and his friends pockets. Ed Miliband must announce now that Mr Rose will not be involved in the NHS when Labour are in government and that any contracts given to any companies that are involved with the Tory party or their directors being donors will exclude them from ongoing work and that they will lose the NH S contracts.

  2. Alistair Mulhearn says:

    What a disgusting way to run a country when you line up all your millionaire friends to carve up the country’s NHS & the Postal Service.

  3. Why the hell don’t they speak to someone at the point of delivery. I am a nurse and can see immediately what is wrong in delivery of care. I care to an extent that I no longer can work for the NHS in my area. I’ve had to endure being interviewed for my own job, suffered re-design of service, battled with pressures of increased demands, extra paperwork for purpose of ‘back covering’. I’ve witnessed decline in service and personally stressed at the moral incorrectness to such an extent I felt it was better for my own health to leave. I took pride in my work. I worked in mental health for a crisis team. Feedback for team was good. However, change came and team was dissolved. The new team operated on a non local basis and surprise, surprise it has now been decided that new system doesn’t work. For goodness sake, quit having change for change sake. Think about the staff lost to date and consider whether health care delivery will really benefit from business minded individuals or would the country benefit from actual nurses who take pride in their work and will notice and react to poor care when allowed to get on with the job they trained for!!!

  4. I never imagined how low this Government would stoop, inviting a failed grocer to review a PUBLIC service. Is this what we have become? As a society, we are pacified and subservient by consumerism and individualism, where’s the fight, the sense of community. As for the Labour ‘party of the people’ your silence is deafening. If you gain power in 2015, do the right thing and undo all the damage done by the Etonian thugs.

  5. Ed Miliband must announce now that Mr Rose will not be involved in the NHS when Labour are in government

    I’d like to think so. However, I strongly suspect ‘Red Ed’ will be just fine with this latest morsel of cronyism.

  6. Hi There- Care UK have loads of elderly peoples care homes in the area where I live. The fees are astronomical and the care 2nd rate. If our hospitals are in special measures, under care uk they will be closed or be so expensive other hospitals will suffer as they suck in more funds from the central pot.

  7. I have worked for Care UK their care is disgusting. Their staffing levels dangerous 1 trained nurse to 71 residents. Their nutritional standards are so bad care assistant take butter for the residents. I bought them fish & chips on day because the mel was so bad. All Care UK are interested in is the profit. We must save the NHS from these sharks

  8. I don’t remember being asked if Mr Cameron could sell parts of the NHS could be sold to his donor friends?! The NHS does not belong to him or any of his cronies..how dare he treat it with such contempt!
    If Labour do get in, they need to make changes and start listening to the front line staff. It’s us who have the ideas of what changes can be brought in and save money whilst still providing a high level of care.
    this government needs to start taking stock of what they doing to this country and the people.
    The divide is getting bigger while Mr Cameron and his friends get greedier and greedier

  9. We need a change top down . M.p lords company’s co.s capitalisum does not work for the most of the people just the .1%

  10. Suzanne Vaughan says:

    Well I suggest that you look at the National Health Action Party, if all of us who care about the future of the NHS voted for them, or supported them, we may make a difference. You can make a difference by signing up with them as they do care about the NHS, definitely more than the three main parties.

  11. Care UK have been involved already in some pilots in the South. They cherry pick the less risky patients so their ‘success’ rate is high and the Torries can say ‘I told you so’. As they are not a public body, Freedom of Information does not apply so this is hard to prove. Result for the Torries as they can cash in for next elections…

  12. Tamsin Bacchus says:

    To build on the first point – you’ve seen that lovely poster of David Cameron looking ultra sincere (the pre-election one “I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS”) that has been re-captioned “I love the NHS so much I want to cut it up into little pieces and give it to all my friends”. (Do an image search – it’s brilliant. An

  13. I work as a GP in a practice that was run by Care UK in a GP practice and walk-in centre. They pulled out of the contract because once the walk-ins were reduced the contract was no longer profitable. It seemed to me then that ‘Care UK’ is a misnomer – that certainly made them seem pretty UNcaring! They refused to pay our Advanced Nurse Practitioner at the ANP rate so she did ANP work for Practice Nurse’s pay (for a while, then she left). We had no practice manager for over a year, the person we were supposed to talk to if we had problems was in another practice about 80 miles away so we never saw her. Their governance was abysmal – in fact one only ever saw anything like serious incident analysis or education or appraisal or a Medical Director whenever we were about to be inspected or scrutinised by commissioners (or if we organised it ourselves, which we did, and to be fair to them they would pay for courses). Money seemed to be the main motivation for everything.
    Glad to say we have now been taken over by a Community Interest Company.

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