• Hypocrite Tory leads the charge to demonise claimants
  • But ignores questions about his own family’s claims
  • Pocketed £6,000 expenses to heat stable on estate

Stand-in Newsnight anchor Victoria Derbyshire turned the tables on a Tory MP behind the demonisation of welfare claimants — by asking him about his own family’s struggles while on benefits.

Nadhim Zahawi — now notorious as the millionaire MP who claimed £6,000 in expenses to heat the stables on his country estate — loves to bash the poor with a good sound bite.

But with Zahawi’s own family claiming benefit when he was a teenager, the callous MP refused to answer the question of how his father would have fed his family if he had been subject to the DWP’s new sanction regime:

Derbyshire: If he’d made a minor infringement while he was on benefits a sanction would [have been levied]. How would that have impacted your family?

Zahawi: It’s not a minor infringement. There are explanations you can make. If there’s a reason …

Derbyshire: If he’d had his money stopped, how would he have fed you all?

Zahawi: There is housing benefit, which is still in place. There is Hardship Allowance, which is there. But if there is a reason why someone couldn’t turn up to an appointment or couldn’t look at that particular job.

Derbyshire: You have a relevant experience. Why don’t you share that with people?

Zahawi: Well I do.

Derbyshire: So how would your father have fed you all if his benefits had been stopped?

Promoted to Number 10’s policy board by David Cameron, Zahawi advocates a China-style child benefits cap which could cost working parents with three children £700 per year.

  1. he says “two million people live in a house where no one has ever worked” absolute bullshit, only 10% of jobseekers have been out of work for more than a year. there are not 20 million unemployed

  2. Actually David, he said two million children, I have no idea what the actual figure is but I would think that’s probably higher than the actual figure because I know what they’re like and this lot will use the highest figure that sounds semi believable, to make the sheeple continue to believe that what they’re doing is the right thing. Although, as with most of the population, we all know that there are people who live on benefits because they don’t want to work, they will do anything possible and use every excuse they can to not find a job, those are the ones who need to be targeted as slackers and skivers. Then again, what this lot are doing, isn’t and has never been about getting people back into work, because if it was, they’d be doing as much as possible to help create full time jobs, which of course would help the economy, it bring down the amount the state spends in benefits and of course it would bring more in, in taxes.

  3. Tory MP in won’t answer question shock? Nothing new to see here, move on. [And well done Victoria for at least trying to nail him]

  4. Tory MP who makes the taxpayer pay the heating bills on his stables on Newsnight to defend benefits sanctions. You really could not make the UK up.

  5. this man,nadhim zahawi,is a criminal,a fraudster-benefit cheat,he made false expense claims,if a person,not in parliament,had committed fraud,they would have been arrested,and charged in a criminal court,–now i wrote,-to the crown prosecution service,about this,and other expense fraudsters,in parliament,i also wrote to the TORY, attorney general,dominic greive,to the chief of metropolitan police,and guess what,,?your right,not one of them replied,,which is a very clear,indication,that there is a two tiered,justice system,operating in the british isles,where by those who are paid,and meant to not only uphold the law,for all,but to see,that the law,is upheld by all, but as you clearly see,they are all complicit ,criminals,the police,crown,prosecutors,attorney general are all sadly-CRIMINALS, there is no justice system,in place for the rich,politicians or celebrities, i have wrote,and emailed,many times,to no avail.–you make up your own minds,

  6. How terrible for Zahawi to be trapped in a job that is so badly paid that he had to sponge off the Taxpayer to claim expenses or benefits to heat the stables in his wife’s Business. He also lives in a London Mansion allegedly owned by a Trust Fund in a Tax Haven so shouldn’t be claiming housing expenses. He is one of Osborne’s Gideonites on Osborne’s Fastpath so will copy all of his Master’s Tax Dodges.

  7. Yet another ‘scrounging’non-English Foreign MP that started out with nothing, probably bought his way into Parliament off the back of the sweat of his ‘slaves’, and now thinks he knows everything. Why wouldn’t he answer the questions put to him, were they a bit close to the truth?

  8. Call me completely innocent, ………. but, ………….

    In any good Thesaurus, would ‘Slippery Git’ …….. and ….”Tory politician’ …… be considered ‘synonyms’?

    I humbly ………. ask!

  9. it may be a cruel trap but the government made it more cruel by making people in their 60s redundant as well as the youngsters , Just you tell me how a man in his sixtys is ever going to find another job .It is tragic because i have experience of this as my husband lost his job what he is saying is utter rubbish . We have had these cuts because that is what the Tories do . The 80s proved what they are capable of and people have short memories They will pay the price at the polls in 2015 because my husband has been knocked for six and we will never recover from what the Tories have done to us.Plus listening to the interview he is just covering his back the coward

  10. jeffrey davies says:

    neigh neigh neigh this from a man who claimed 6000 poundsto heat his stables it isn’t about them its about his claiming whot little they pay us really really do they want that and all has its just greed with this lot Christians there isn’t one among them a few friends have I but are now sercoming to this tradgety that’s being played out by thiscallous lot jeff3

  11. Sally Montgomery says:

    How this hypocrite got away with something which any other person would have been seen charged with fraud for is beyond me. He claimed it was an error which makes him unfit for his job. All done while pensioners survived cruel hard winters. Disgusting. As is IDS who claims for his underpants and Mcvey who used £300 worth of stationary which wasn’t hers to use. Shame on them all.

  12. ireallymeanthis says:

    We all know someone who says/writes: ”we all know someone who’s on benefits and doesn’t want to work”.
    I’ve never known anyone who I could be certain wanted to be on benefits rather than in a work, other than for a sound reason such as ill-health.
    It’s easy to make assumptions of course, based on superficial evidence,when you know someone who has been out of work for a time.

  13. What a detestable creature this thing Nadin Zahawi is, even his shiny suit irritates the hell of me. What a bloody life we sick poor & disabled etc have ahead of us with soulless criminals like this lording it over us straight in are faces to. They should be taken out one by damn one!.. a silent militia to hunt the swine down, put them in fear of their life’s instead of the innocents who’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

  14. Attacking her Masters{bosses} Derbyshire will never work for newsnight again: Then she should sue for unfare treatment as nothing did or said was @ all out of order, after all that is what newscasting is all about.

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