Lynton Crosby

David Cameron’s controversial guru Lynton Crosby plans to ignore black and Asian voters in his election planning — despite polls showing a significant proportion of minorities believe the Conservatives are hostile to them.

The FT reports:

Conservative insiders say Mr Crosby is concerned that trying to appeal to black and minority ethnic voters “muddies the message”

The source tells the pink ‘un that myopic Crosby is paranoid about being outflanked by UKIP:

“Lynton Crosby is running the campaign and his job is to maximise the number of people voting Tory with just 15 months to go. There is a difference between that demand and where we want to be by 2020.”

At least this is slightly more diplomatic than he expressed the same sentiment while working on Boris’ mayoral re-election campaign:

“Mr Crosby said Mr Johnson should concentrate on traditional Tory voters instead of ‘f****** Muslims’.”

Stay classy.

  1. If he means ‘muddling the message’ is to alienate the indigenous population he is right , but it’s too late the damage is done the cons are now looking more like Blue Labour as opposed to New Labour no real difference .

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