David Cameron benefits sanctions

Responding to criticism from top clergy, David Cameron defends his “social and moral mission” of benefits cuts in the Telegraph today:

“For me the moral case for welfare reform is every bit as important as making the numbers add up”

Let’s see what all that morality means in practice. With the government on the back foot over their harsh benefits sanctions regimeScrapbook can reveal that one unemployed man had his Jobseekers’ Allowance cut by the DWP for attending his father’s funeral.

The man from Greater Manchester was forced to miss his regular appointment at the Jobcentre in order to attend the family service — but was subject to financial sanction even though he informed DWP staff in advance.

Ministers have insisted that the penalties are “proportionate”.

Jobcentre staff are under pressure to meet sanctions quotas regardless of the actual behaviour of claimants — stay tuned for more detail on that later today.

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  1. Grimly Feendish says:

    What is this “Moral Mission” that Fat Dave speaks of? Is it the same as the “Moral Mission” of 1930s Germany, Aktion T4. The killing off of the “Useless Eaters”? Just the other day Dept. of Health MINISTERS suggested depriving the elderly of health care because “they do not contribute that much to the economy than a younger person does.” Sound familiar? Some “Moral Mission”.

    David Cameron has denied that benefit cuts are plunging people into poverty, saying they actually give people “hope”.
    Considering Cameron is supposed to be Educated how can you reverse an immoral act by calling it moral . Surely the man must engage his brain before opening his mouth in future .How can he condone Atos deaths ,Poverty .Homelessness ,Food Banks ,Re-allocation through Bedroom Tax ,Benefit Sanctions ,Liverpool Care Pathway and Privatisation of Vital Services and call them Hope .
    The number of Suicides caused by these unnecessary so called Austerity Measures are mounting. Cameron is Persecuting the Poorest to appease his Money Masters by clearing the Deficit in favour of a Quality of Life ,this is indefensible .
    When Materialism overrides a whole Social Structure to such a destructive state then it is time to either give up Politics and readdress one’s own values or at least tell the truth of why you engage in such Draconian Policies .

  3. Mr Cameron’s moral compass apparently points due Money. How else could he think it’s either moral or proportionate to render someone destitute for attending his father’s funeral – something which any employer would allow him to do?

    George Orwell’s “1984” was intended to be a terrifying dystopian novel, not a government manual.

  4. I’ll take no lessons from a priveleged millionaire who claimed every benefit going and many of them fraudulently and then cut or totally stopped those self same benefits for others , he who has Sinned should be casting no stones .

  5. I am now retired and worked in the public sector for over 20 years. It would be normal to be given a minimum of 3 days special leave on the death of a parent. My partner works for a well known UK retailer and the company allows up to 2 weeks paid leave on the death of a parent (my partner did not take all of this when her father died). Mr Cameron and your agents need to explain then how a person on benefits is sanctioned in this instance. An utter disgrace.

  6. Wellsaid, Gary. We should take no lessons about morality from this multi-millionaire prick who has the damm cheek to endlessly whinge about the unemployed by calling them ‘scroungers’, ‘shirkers not strivers’, blah, blah, blah when he has SCROUNGED from the taxpayer himself by claiming taxpayers money for his deceased child when he is totally able to pay for that former child himself.

  7. I have today received a letter saying I am to lose my benefits for 4 weeks because I attended my Job search day on Tuesday a couple of weeks ago instead of Thursday the day it was changed to but not pointed out to me. At my review my advisor was late so I was seen by someone else and we had no discussion as he had a heavy workload and I was handed paperwork on which day had been changed but I assumed no changes and did not look at it so attended on usual day. I have a disabled husband both of us worked for over 30 years each paying taxes all the time. He is disabled due to a bad accident and I was made redundant and despite applying for about 200 jobs a month have been unsuccessful in securing one. I have no money have sold everything I could already to make up shortfalls including my husbands car. I have a mortgage of £812 per month was receiving £240 every 4 weeks in benefit against this the rest I pay which takes all my benefit and about £30 of my husbands DLA. This month and next month I will not pay mortgage as a result of sanction to try to minimise bank charges from direct debits otherwise bouncing. I feel a 4 week sanction is unfair for just attending on the wrong day in error and have appealed. I have also written to my MP Simon Burns to ask if he feels this is fair and pointed out you get less punished for committing serious crime. I also asked if there is a target on sanctions that the Conservative Government imposes to reduce Government spending and pointed out after being a loyal Conservative Voter I will now be voting Labour. I am so angry. I would like to do something about this situation and make as much noise as possible as it is outragous.

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