With Tory spinners attempting an ambitious rebrand as “the Workers’ party”the voter-repelling mad-old-granny-in-the-attic of Tory MPs — Jacob Rees-Mogg — would surely be pretty low on the list candidates to front the initiative.

But ‘The Mogg’ appears determined to sabotage the PR drive — by travelling to the post-industrial north with a Channel 4 News camera crew in tow. The kamikaze adventures aired last night include calling bingo in a working men’s club (above) and attempting to engage with passers by on the high street (below).

For context, the Old Etonian investment banker said of bringing his nanny to campaign in the Labour stronghold of Central Fife:

“I do wish you wouldn’t keep going on about my nanny”

“If I had a valet, you’d think it was perfectly normal.”

This exchange certainly does not augur well:

Local woman: “I like Labour”
The Mogg: “And why do you like Labour?”
Local woman: “Because David Cameron’s a prick”
The Mogg: “Okay, that’s a blunt answer”
Local woman: “Wasn’t it David Cameron who did the Bedroom Tax …?”

Yes, it was.

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