Iain Duncan Smith in a select committee

Following Iain Duncan Smith’s evidence on Monday, DWP select committee member Glenda Jackson brought a fiery point of order in the Commons immediately after PMQs earlier. Jackson highlighted the manner in which the Quiet Man thinks he can talk to MPs asking basic questions about Universal Credit:

“With respect, I don’t have to tell the committee everything that is happening in the department until we have reached a conclusion about what is actually happening.”

“With respect, chairman, I do not think this committee can run the department.”

With IDS claiming he had “nothing to tell” the MPs about experts drafted in to rescue the IT underpinning his flagship policy, Commons speaker John Bercow confirmed that the job of the DWP Committee is to, errr, scrutinise DWP.

At one point in Monday’s proceedings, IDS said he did not understand what Glenda Jackson was talking about — and that it sounded as if she was speaking in a “foreign language”.

Scrapbook trusts that her intervention today was clear enough for him.

  1. tony blackburne says:

    Hitler Duncan Smith is an arrogant bastard, who is losing face and his leader is a weak bastard as well, long live democracy but it dosen’t exist in this government,

  2. Franklin Percival says:

    He is alarmingly thick, dishonest and horrifyingly ill-mannered. Common little guttersnipe – if he so much as knocked at the door, I’d count the spoons.

  3. This Tory was also once the leader of the Conservative Party , can you imagine him as PM? thank God Tony Blair whooped is ass.

  4. Why is this man still employed, why are the peoples taxes being used to pay him a wage, he is grossly underperforming in his current position costing this company (Great Britain) millions on reforms that are clearly not working, why must we wait till 2015 to fire him. People are starving and dying whilst money is thrown away on more IT that leads to job loses the very thing that he should be creating, Madness.

  5. A. P. Longworth-Dame says:

    Idiot Does Sums is typical of someone given a job to do for which he is not qualified to do either academically or by ability. He thinks he can bully and bluster and he will be believed. I would love to know why he is still in his job. Surely he must go before the election? Even allowing for Owen Paterson IDS must be far in away the biggest liability the Coalition has. I wonder how much money a minister has to waste before he is sacked. Worse than that how many more people will he drive to suicide. He is incompetent and hateful in equal measure.

  6. He really thinks he’s the bees-knees,doesn’t he? The more deluded he is,the more powerful the delusion. I really think he’s certifiable-a sociopath and liar with delusions of grandeur. As always with men like him, a superficially impressive demeanour with elaborate manners and the army officer’s inbuilt arrogance and expectation of immediate compliance with any orders or instructions he might issue, merely disguise his utter separation from the realities of normal human existence, and his inability to perceive his own mistakes and fallibility. IN his case, all of this is compounded by the simple fact that he is not actually very bright. There is really not much there.

  7. Theresa Maleady says:

    With this arrogant man still in charge he does need to gowhy on earth is he telling lie after lie? He knows this is not working it is all a farce. He is quite a delusional arrogant liar he needs help inthe realisation of the mess he has got the DWP into. This government have created chaos with everything they touch, they think they can bully the sick and disabled into work when they are clearly not. They were not even elected to make changes to the benefits at all.

  8. To say I detest this excuse for a human being…is the understatement of all time
    I wish him and his cheating family…all the misfortune in the world…murderer

  9. IDS mumbled more than anyone else in the debate, IDS is a cancer on the sick and disabled and needs to be stamped out ASAP

  10. This man has said he knows how it feels to be unemployed but how can he, he was unemployed after coming out of the armed forces but then married the daughter of a wealthy family and then went into politics he as not got a clue and his reforms are not working just costing more than its worth SACK THIS MAN NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE

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