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The Daily Mail have been forced to retract claims made about flights and buses being “fully booked” with economic migrants from Romania and Bulgaria. As restrictions on workers from the EU accession countries were set to expire on 1 January, the paper ran a story headlined “Sold out! Flights and buses full as Romanians and Bulgarians head for the UK”.

The piece claimed:

  • “Almost all flights from Romania to England are full”
  • “one airline doubled the number [of flights] to meet demand”
  • “one-way tickets are selling for up to £3,000”

But the paper has now been forced to issue a correction after readers were able to find plenty of tickets for flights and buses — using a little-known tool called “the internet”. Attempting to shift the blame to “local travel agents”, the paper states:

“We have since been made aware that some reasonably priced flights and seats on buses were available from Bucharest and Sofia at that time.”

An addendum to the original piece is even more fulsome, stating that “some readers were able to find a larger number of flights leaving Bucharest and Sofia at the beginning of January”.

And that airline “doubling” the number of flights to the UK?

“We are also happy to clarify that some of the additional flights were put in place before January 1.”

Trying to use business/first class tickets to suggest that economic migrants were paying “up to £3,000” to get to Britain was a particularly nice touch.

UPDATE: This was the leader column in their Sunday sister paper two days prior. “The truth”, eh?

Mail on Sunday immigration leader

  1. We don’t want them here, the people of this country need jobs and help first, we don’t want the crime rate going up any more than it already is, we are sick of helping everybody else and not our own situation. Its only going to fuel more animosity between people, theres hardly enough work for those in the uk that want to work and with all these austerity measures going on there will be on hell of a divide which will be asking for trouble, what is the government trying to do engineer a civil war style situation which i feel is brewing up. I think the published figures of immigrants is total rubbish and not true and being hidden from the public as to not cause further anger. Something really needs to be done to sort out the problems we are facing here in the uk as once the balloon goes up it will go up in a big way, i am not against helping others but there is no respect or compassion from other countries towards us, look at the constant terrorist threats from other countries and the mafia style organisations that are based and run by romanians soon to probably be set up here in the uk, we want protection and to be able to live and work in our own country without the threat of further problems its bad enough as it is.

  2. I find it rather funny when I read articles like this that have lots of comments about how we dont need migrants coming to the UK to take the jobs.

    Especially since I have been recruiting for about four months and not a damn single one of those millions of unemployed British guys can be bothered getting up off their arses and actually doing some real work for a change.

    We have a massive shortage of skilled workers here so yes, let us open the flood gates, let us have those that want work in our jobs. And lets send those damn british folks that don’t want to work into schools so they can earn a productive job in the future 🙂

  3. “look at the constant terrorist threats from other countries”

    Which countries are these then? Sources please.

    “and the mafia style organisations that are based and run by romanians soon to probably be set up here in the uk”
    The fact you’ve merely used ‘probably’ debases your whole argument, but again, sources for these staggering facts you’re providing us, please.
    Failing that, please crawl back under your rock.

  4. The comments on that Mail article are even better.

    One commenter has the gall to write “There is not going to be a sudden rush of people coming to Britain from Romania and Bulgaria on 1 January.”

    The result? 668 down votes, 651 higher than the next least popular.

    Good to see Mail online readers are almost as clever as the writers.

    Sometimes I (despairingly) think this country has the government it deserves.

  5. I done that Nick, does this also include world history, o lets see, how many countries has Britain been in and devastated…………. none????????????????????????

    China, India, Africa, Afghanistan, list goes on and on and on, read some history on what Britain did, you may even been surprised to know that the British invented the death camps, mass genocides, Boer war. Kitchner, now uhem nothing terrifying about that then is there.

  6. David Warriet Edward says:

    wish that neonazis like those above slithered back under their stones in time for dramatic crushes any offal salvaged could be sold so the whole scheme would be self-funding, self-fuelling too if hot air and nasty invective could be harnessed

  7. If a Bulgarian can come over, speaking very simple english and take your job then that says more about you than it does about them.

  8. Would all the xenophobes please stop speaking for the whole country by saying ‘we don’t want them here’and other phrases to that effect. If you don’t want them here you’re entitled to that (misguided) opinion. All I ask is you be honest with yourself and others and say ‘i don’t want them here’. Then again I guess that just makes you sound like a knuckle headed racist..

  9. ‘We don’t want them here…’

    Fortunately you don’t actually get to speak for ‘we’ i.e. the people, particularly given your beliefs are pure conjecture, xenophobic and about as factual as creationism – truly abhorrent and inaccurate nationalist tripe.

    British people are just as capable as committing crime as an intra-EU migrant, which most studies show to be more beneficial to the economy than the archetypal British person. They pay more tax, claim less benefits and generally contribute to the economy. They are certainly not going to start a quasi-‘civil war’.

    There will only be tension for as long as people like you cause them through stigmatising immigrants and creating a ‘moral panic’, in order to scapegoat these people, blaming them for the issues created by the financial sector. The current mess has been created not by ‘the poles’, neither is it ‘Labour’s mess’ it is over-dependence of the crippled financial sector, with private debts that account for over 220% of GDP.

    Engage your critical faculties and think for yourself, and throw away your inherent prejudices whilst you’re at it. I thought we understood how terrible nationalism was after the first World War, but it appears not…

  10. Miriam Ruscakova says:

    Throw away your prejudice and hatred Niven !!!!
    You are lost without immigrants who work hard and most of them are better educated and skilled.

  11. I think both sides should stand back and look at all the issues here. Both have arguments & BOTH sides are trying to speak for the majority. We are all entitled to our opinions so if you DON’T like someone else’s DO NOT try to put your own over as gospel. Yes we do need skills workers here & it’s way past time we got our own trained to do what’s needed WHERE THEY ARE NOT where the work is. Migrants can come here & go to anywhere there is work. Most of the people CANT move somewhere else as they will not be able to setup home as a migrant can. We need to train our own to do what is needed where they are or take the work to them. there are 1000’s all over this country with the right qualifications but in the wrong place. This government needs to get both parties together, get the Companies to move to where the workforce is NOT try to get the workforce to them. It’s cheaper for them to move than try to locate 1000’s of UK residents who already have homes & families than single migrants. Single migrants will put up with just about ANYTHING to work here, including living in dormitory accommodation where 100’s can be homed together living on a shoestring. There is no way you would ASK UK residents to do that. So unless you dogooders want to turn this country into a migrating population where 1000’s move round the UK & backwards & forwards to their home country then STOP telling the other side they are wrong. YOU CAN BE JUST AS WRONG AS THEY MIGHT BE, only time will tell so STOP TRYING TO BE RIGHT BECAUSE YOU MAY VERY WELL BE WRONG.

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